View Full Version : 7-26- Moth Ball Fleet-= Susan Bay

07-26-2005, 09:13 PM
Hey guys,

Today we launched out of benicia to do some fishing. We headed right for the USS Iowa. We fished there for about 1 hour with alot of gras shrimp, go-Shrimp and Blood worms. The grass shrimp got us the small striper about 11 inches. This fish was caught more towards the last few rows of boats. We kinda got off course and found our selves walking in 2ft-5ft water wondering were the channal is... Finally parked at buoy 15 and had alot of good hits. I lost alot of bait there and dident set the hook on any of them. I tryd though..

Overall it was a really nice day, I dident get fryd for once so that was a plus. Towards the end of the trip we fished the rock wall by the napa river. Our buddy chris got a 7 pound lepord shark.

Something also to mention was: When we were anchord a sinking vessel report came into the channal and coast guard responded to pick up 4 people that had bailen from a sinking 35ft boat. Glad to hear they were all safe.

Still wondering why we dident get more fish....

07-29-2005, 11:23 PM
Get yourself on the edge of the channel and spray some bang anise scent on your shrimp. I would suggest sticking to the good ole grass shrimp this time of year around there. Besides the bait is cheaper. Check to see if you were using enough weight on your line to keep the bait on the bottom. Sometimes I have to switch from 4 to 8 ounces depending on the rip of the tide.