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07-16-2005, 12:49 PM
yours truly on the hot arse grill. 2QUARSTSLOW gettin his grub's on



916steelhead and Diamondback70

updates will come every fifteen minutes. ;D

07-16-2005, 01:07 PM

gave mjonesjr a wobbly pop to take over the hot grill

tankgrunts show and tell

I wouldn't mess with these 2guys on the right :o

Beautiful Mrs. 2QUARTSLOW.

more to come ;D

07-16-2005, 02:03 PM
no other boards Party like we do ;D

Mr-T and mjonesjr


my own personnal bodyguard ;D

here's goofy




we had to kick this guy out "2QUARTSLOW" he eats too much.

07-16-2005, 05:46 PM
Great pictures, looks like you all had a great time. It is something special when fishing friends,and family can get together tell tall tales,and enjoy life. From the looks of those ribs they must have came off of an elephant.

07-16-2005, 06:44 PM
Well fellas, had a great time. Nothin' better than good BBQ with some great friends. After those videos of Tankgrunts, I'm making plans for my Columbia run next year. Killer, looking forward to going out to that hole you were talking about. Hopefully, the boat will be up and runnin very soon. Last, but not least....if anyone would like horseshoe lessons...I'M AVAILABLE ;) ;) ;)

07-17-2005, 12:45 AM
First we all had a great time. It was great to put faces to photos and some faces you have a hard time looking at (SS, :P :P :P ;D ;D ;D ;) Click)

And yes 916 I can put away the food. Yum Yum

Dback, we worked good together on the horseshoes so anytime a challenge comes up I will team up with ya anytime to give so lessons.

And for the Columbia video I will make even more effort to get up their next year, it looks like a very very great fishery.

2Q on the side

07-17-2005, 07:47 AM
Off the hook guys, Thats all I can say 8) All you guys are great...What fun ;D Thanks for the boat ride Chris :DI love it

07-17-2005, 09:01 AM
Had a great time, was nice meeting everyone. next time the boat will run right :P
Now it's time for fishin, lets go get some ;D

Thanks again Tom


07-17-2005, 11:25 AM
Hey guys just wanted to share some pictures and my experience with the sturgeon boys ::)
:-[ After spending 5 hrs working on my boat and really not doing anything to it :( in 107 degree weather sweating like a stuff pig :-[ missed my turn looking for a place to buy beer ( I thought there was a 7-11 in every neighborhood) ;D I finally ended up at Sunracers house around 6:15 with sweat pouring down my face (let me remind you I was towing my boat) ;D so I park on the street there wasnít any room to park in the yard all you had to do was look in his yard to figure out which house was his with all the boats (ok the truth was I didnít think I could make it) ;D Sunracer greeted me and took me around back where the boys were wow :o is all I can say I have never met a bunch of nicer guys (well maybe the trout men I mean boys) ;DI have to thank SS nephew (sorry I cant remember all the names but I will remember the faces) for taking me to the store and no it wasnít a 7-11 either ;D to buy some beer the best part was he has AIRCONDION in his truck.
When we got back SS was a sleep in the house I wanted to pants him and take a picture ::) but Fisherman Chris stop that when he took the hose and soaked me :o I know I was sweating but I used deodorant ;D then the house started shaking and we could hear SS and then we herd the dog bark I figured he has to wait 6 more weeks till the doctor gives him the ok if you know what I mean and just in case you donít after having a baby a woman has to wait 6 weeks before she can resume all functions of a married couple I figured he need his space with the dog (JK) its all in fun but you have to love it when people get shóface and you can mess with their mind ;D ;D so then everyone wants to go fishing and I cant believe it :o 8)they wanted me to tag a long (thank you thank you thank you) I felt honor all I could think about was catching that big one that they always talk about ;D so Fisherman Chris and Fishkiller took there boats we went to a boat ramp called Garcia what a beautiful place not only was the river beautiful but they even had green grass (I had to run barefoot on it) ::) but what a nightmare at the ramp we had to wait for at lease an hr to launch they had a bunch of rookies loading and unloading I offered to go help :P but instead SS took care of it :-/Iíll give SS one thing he says whatís on his mind ;D and thatís why I wait till no one is around to launch ;D we finally got the boat in the water I have to say that if I ever have a problem I hope 2 quartslow will be somewhere around what a guy
:-* 8) he just got right in there helping Fisherman Chris launch the boat I thought they had fish before together :o not even what a smooth job remember this boat is Hugh I think there had to be at lease 8 or 9 of us on it :Dwe had to wait for Fishkiller he was back 9 trucks :'( :( sad thing is he lost his kicker off of his truck bummer for any of us :'( but he still wanted to fish :-* he had 3 on his boat a nice jet boat and boy he knows how to drive it I was waiting for him to pop a wheelie :D why we were waiting for him Chris rescued a little boat like mine except mine is prettier ::)there were 2 guys and 2 woman on it one was 7 months pregnant :o they had broke down and barley spoke English being the expert fisherman that I am :DI noticed he was using his ore :o now at this time its still pretty hot I thought to myself yep that could be me someday ;D so I told Chris at first he said no way :-/ and then he looked again didnít even hesitate to help them out :-* when 2qts and sorry forgot his name see the picture ;D were holding on to the boat I thought to myself get out of here :o I thought they would of thrown them a rope not these guys they have there own way of style 8)so we get them to the dock and Fishkiller was still waiting in line ;D so we started to circle around and warm up the boat well guess what ??? you guessed it the boat didnít kick in all the way so it would take off and then it would shut down :'( so its getting dark by this time still no Fishkiller ;D and Iím thinking to myself :-/what about safety lights well the lights didnít work but the dash lights did oh by the way this was his first time taking it out at night he hasnít had it very long ;) so being a sniffer means we all help out each other and by the way I felt water on my feet I thought holy crap I'm going down with the boys thank god I can swim and the water was 84 degrees ;D ;) but Chris reassured me that it was ok by this time I was working on my 3rd beer :o and I really donít drink beer very often it has a funny reaction I get tipsy and also very talkative so I'm asking him all kinds of questions like is the motor all the way down, is there a switch for the lights and so on and he answered every question and didnít call me the fishing buddy from hell ;D most of the guys on the boat are shore fishermen but one guy did check it out thank you by the way after about 3hrs and still no poles in the water we go in ;D Chris please donít think I'm dogging you because thatís not true I had a wonderful time you were a true sportsman to put up with all that and not lose your cool he did get a chance to relax and enjoy the ride when SS and the unknown guy were driving inn the dark did I mention no lights but I knew I was in good hands I look forward to the next time ;D
Hope to see all of you at Pyramid Fest I know its trout but at lease when we invite you to are lake you catch fish ::) :-* ;D ;) maybe we should have a compaction the trout guys and the sturgeon guys;D Hope everyone made it home safe I ended up sleeping in my car behind Dennyís I cant see at night but hey it was all good hope you guys invite me again :-* ;)
Hey FK did you catch fish ;D
the rescue

07-17-2005, 11:36 AM
SS nephew

the dock

07-17-2005, 03:48 PM
8)Man that BBQ party was Kickin, Tom Thanks for hosting .It was great to meet the people who showed. And for those that RSVP and did not show well I will leave that one alone except for you missed one hell of a good time. ;) :o 8)

07-18-2005, 05:09 AM
It was great to meet all the folks who made it and braved the heat! Good food, good BS and lots of beer, hmmm it worked....

Thanks again for hosting Tom!

07-18-2005, 05:57 AM
havin' Chris's Jambalaya and Flo's Smoked ribs for lunch today ;D ;D Had a BLAST Guys.

Tom thank you for goodtimes.

07-18-2005, 07:55 AM
Well First I would like to thank everone for coming and putting up with the heat, it was 106 on Saturday, out of the RSVP list only 4-5 didn't show and some folks came from a long way away,,

Tank & Mr Pecsadore thanks for bring the vids and pics, EVERYONE needs to see the vids it makes you hurt just watching these guys do battle with those monster fish, I mean bring you to your knees fish.. no joke!!!

I think we went through at least 8 cases of beer, Then Killer thought he would bring the store with him, his cooler must have weighed 200 pounds, loaded with Sausage, Chicken, Steaks, all kinds of stuff, Fisherman Chris brought 5 gals of Jumbalya, 916 and his 20lbs of half chickens, I'm not sure who brought the Ribs, and I had 10lbs of Burgers and made 4 dozen hot wings..

The party started at 1:00 and everyone took off to go to the river at 7:30 I think everyone had a good time, the horse shoe pit was lonley because of the heat but I think a game or two were played..

Even though we consumed much beer and the music was loud, no one was out of control and I'm sure some new freinds were made by everyone, You know when you had a good party when you offer SS a beer the next day and he sayes I'm good.

All the guys that came to the party are the cream of the crop when it comes to Sturgeon fishing, you can tell just by talking with them.. I think the Columbia will get a good dose of Sniffers next year if everyone who said they were gona make the trip goes up,, there was even talk of a Columbia Sniffer fest made mention.

For the ones who didn't make it all I can say is, You missed one heck of a party!!! what a great group of folks!! again thanks for coming and the next one I have will be when the Temp isn't raging..Tom

PS I have more pics, I'll try to get Someone to post em for me 916

07-18-2005, 02:53 PM
Hey everyone it was a blast I know we all had a great time. Good Beer, good food, and good friends. It was nice meeting all of you guys (and Girl) and cant wait to get to go fishing with the best fishermen around. Tom does know how to put on an awsome party thanks again Tom and as for the boat ride I thought all night I was on the OLN network on a boat with a bunch of pro fishermen. Thanx for that Chris Tom aka JESTER

07-18-2005, 03:30 PM
:-/Oh well it seemed like everyone had a blast sunracer but next time could you invite the kids ???We want to have fun too ;D ;DAnd of course fish alot must have been a great party except that Fishkillers kicker on his jet sled came off oh well he's repairing it now ;)


07-18-2005, 07:58 PM
well it looks like the chip shut down one of the cylinders so it should be up and running tomorrow. glad you had a great time jester. Send me an im, looks like sunday can happen, I'll know for sure tomorrow.