View Full Version : MX510 Gregor Outboard Jet Motor Mounting??

11-19-2005, 02:17 PM
I have a 98 MX510 Gregor 15ft side console aluminum boat, was wondering if anyone has ever mounted or seen mounted a jet outboard to this particular model of boat? The hull has a decent deadrise (5-6 degrees) on the bottom for a jet but has ribs running down the length of the hull so will create some air bubbles. Hull weight is 380lbs. I currently have a 97 Honda 30hp outboard which performs great on this boat, but not in shallow water. Boat is rated for 35hp, so I was considering either a switch to a slightly used Honda 50/35 jet or a 4 stroke Yamaha 40/30 if I can find one at a reasonable price. Any comments appreciated.

11-20-2005, 07:59 PM
I would call Woody at Gregor Phone # 559-441-7703 in Frenso,
I would think he would be able to give you some sound advice, Good Luck ;)

11-21-2005, 08:21 AM
Hi, good idea, thanks, I emailed him this morning, who would know better than these guys what combo's will work.

11-21-2005, 02:38 PM
They may take awhile to get back to you..their moving into a new building, DB :P

11-28-2005, 09:01 PM
I believe you will have to raise the transom about 5 1/2 inches to make the jet match the bottom of the boat. This is essential to the performance of the boat. The ribs do put air into the jet unit. This sounds like a iffy proposition. You might think of selling what you have and buying a used jetboat designed for the purpose.

11-30-2005, 01:01 PM
The previous owner of my boat (16') had a jet outdrive contraption that easily mounted on the lower unit of my 50 hp Merc prop. To accomodate that he mounted the motor on a jackplate to get some clearance away from the transom, and allow the prop elevation to be easily adjusted up and down. Apparently it worked well on the Carson river. Not fast (5MPH), but maneuverable. I have a jetboat hull with a delta keel, and hull strakes ("ribs running down length of...").

11-30-2005, 05:48 PM
Yea,give Woody a call hes cool. Hes also my landlord on my office building. ;D Try emailing if you cant get thru on the phone. www.gregorboats.com . i had a question about putting a bimini on my 14' Gregor and he emailed right back!