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07-29-2005, 11:37 PM
I am looking at getting a new boat or a slightly used boat. Allot of the dealers or package boats have the mercury motor. I am wondering how you like them and have you experienced any problems over and above the normal maintenance. Mainly looking at 40,50,60 HP motors depending on which boat I end up with. Ideally I would like to have Yamaha or Honda. ( and still may) Talking to some service guys they seem to have seen very little problems with the mercs. I have herd Yamaha is not making the power heads anymore for the 05 models.

Thanks for the input.

07-30-2005, 05:51 AM
;D Durb I have had 6 boats and all but 1 had a Mercury four stroke and I would recommend them to anyone.I have never had any problems. As far as Honda and Yamaha I know they too are fine motors but can't speak from experience on their durability or performance. In my opinion Mercury would not use the phrase "#1 on the water" unless they could back it up. Good luck, any way you go I am sure you will be happy. ;D

07-30-2005, 06:24 AM
Durb - I currently have two boats with 4 strokes. One with Hondas and one with Merc. The Merc is probably number one in the market because of price point. My Merc has the Yami power head which is a fine machine and performs well. This is a 25hp Bigfoot tiller with elec. start. I will say that I bought it new and had some problems with it. The factory had installed the wrong gaskets and it sucked and burned oil. I took it back to the dealer and within a week they had repaired it. The wrong gaskets was a manufacturer problem and I had found the answers on line. The facory did not issue a recall.
My Hondas now have 100 hours on them with no complaints at all. As a Comparison, I prefer the Hondas. They run a little quieter and smoother but I have heard that support for warranty work on them can be a problem. They can also be more costly for replacement parts.
At low altitudes both brands will perform equally well. At high altitude - Stampede or Tahoe - The Honda will definately outperform the Merc. Starting, Idleing or flat out the carb system is much better. I had bought high altitude jets for my Honda kicker but never needed to install them. The Merc will run on both lakes but power and performance deminish dramatically.
My next purchase would be a Honda.

07-30-2005, 06:38 AM
My neighbor has the 25 HP Merc and had some of the same problems Fishstalker did. However his went even further and the motor was fried. Merc gave him a new motor.

He has been happy with this one.


07-30-2005, 06:58 AM
I have no experience with Mercury so cannot speak for or against them. In recent years I have had 2 Yamahas and now have 3 Hondas and have never had a problem other than normal maintenance i.e. plugs, oil change etc. with any of them. I personally would go with a Honda or Yamaha if I were buying again.

07-30-2005, 01:12 PM
We have a Mercury 115 EFI which is based on the same block as the 60. It's brand new, so I can't comment on the reliability yet. It idles down great and is amazingly quiet. We can talk at normal volumes when running the engine out of the water, and can barely hear it in the water. Very impressed so far.

07-31-2005, 05:37 PM
Was at a dealer today who sells both Honda's and mercs. He claims the mercs are more popular now because the EFI in the mercs. Honda still have carbs that become clogged up or built up if not ran very often. It is confusing. I have always liked Honda products. I know the parts are more expensive but Honda corp. has always seemed to build good products. Motor cycles, quads and even my riding lawn mower. ;D

07-31-2005, 06:26 PM
I have a 1998 Honda 90 and I really do wish that it was fuel injected. The carbs don't gum up if you use Sta-Bil in the fuel. I never run mine out and the main engine often goes several months without running. However, the problem with carburetted 4-stroke engines is that they take a long time to warm up before they will run smoothly in cold weather. At Pyramid in the winter I have to let mine idle for at least 5 minutes with the choke out on 20 degree mornings. I hate that.

Honda engines over 90 hp are fuel injected and do not have this problem. If I was going to buy an engine today, I would go with fuel injection. But Hondas are amazing engines and burn less fuel than their competitors regardless of what anybody else might tell you. They are more complex and harder to work on than the others, but hardly anything ever goes wrong with proper maintenance.

07-31-2005, 07:55 PM
I was told next year towards the end 07 model hondas will have fuel injection. * I was also told the mercs will be made in china next year. *That labor is cheeper thing again. >:(

07-31-2005, 10:04 PM
So much for buying American, huh? That explains why they went after the Japanese manufacturers in court (and lost) while they were still getting powerheads from Yamaha.