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07-17-2005, 09:00 PM
I am selling my 15' bayrunner, however I am now also kicking around the idea of keeping it and converting it from a center console to a side console and installing a four stroke motor. I like the hull with the taller sides and bow for rougher water. The trailer is in real good shape with new tires hubs and bearings. *Hull is in great shape. The two stroke motor runs great, however four stroke would be nicer for trolling and cleaner for the environment. *I like the 15' size for maneuverability.

This is how it is set up right now. The factory center console is installed up against the back side of the middle bench seat. *The seat for the driver is on the rear bench seat.

This is what I am thinking. I would put a right side console up against the very front bench seat like most of the klamath 15' SC boats are set up and the driver and passenger seat would go on the middle seat. I would make the middle bench a walk through (small opening between the seats. This can be done with out effecting the welds.)

Reason for this you ask? * To give me more room in the back of the boat. Center the weight more towards the front and middle of the boat. *The consoles are not real expensive. Steering cable is long enough. Motor controls will be changed out also if I do this because I will go with a new four stroke motor. *

So will moving the weight up closer towards the front and middle help or effect the ride of the boat. * Right now with a 40 hp I have no problem at all popping up on plane very fast at 6k elevation. 40hp seems like allot of motor for the boat. *I am thinking 25 or 30 four stroke. I would be happy with 30 mph

I will do most if not all of the work myself. Valco / westcoaster is no longer in business so I cannot call the factory. *Give me some feed back please.

07-17-2005, 09:10 PM
sure wish I could give you the answer sounds good to me but I'm still the new kid on the block ::)

07-17-2005, 11:43 PM
Funny, but I just checked out a bunch of Klamaths and Bayrunners today regarding that exact question. Allfish had asked me about converting to a side console just last week.

The job itself is simple as long as you have a floor in the boat. It's just a matter of drilling holes and using stainless steel screws to mount the console to the gunnel, floor, and seat.

Now as far as balance and handling goes, I would find somebody with a Klamath that is already set up and see how it handles in a chop with your normal load. The advantage of the center console is that it distributed the center of gravity aft of where the hull impacts the waves. This results in less pounding, at least for the person at the helm. If the weight is shifted too far forward, the driver is going to get quite a pounding even with the bow trimmed up. I personally like the side console setup since it is lower and more out of the way than the center console and give more room in the stern for trolling. I once had a 14' aluminum boat with the side console mounted just about mid ship. It was very stable and rode nicely with a single passenger seated next to me.

A 25 or 30 hp 4-stroke should be fine for a boat of your size.

07-18-2005, 09:11 AM
I was going to install a side console in between the front and middle benches. I had the link to it, but can't find it right now. It was about $160, I think at I-Boats mega mall. It would ride 2 across the middle and 2 in the back nicely for cruising and for trolling with 2 people would have left plenty of floor space in the back for landing fish. I allready had about 75% of the work done. The side consoles seemed to be hard to find, but the standing console really got old on the feet after a day of fishing, and made it dificult to fit a cover on the boat.

Doc, your reply to my PM was a big help and when I went out and looked at my boat after' it all made sense and would have worked out nicely.

Durb, sounds like you live pretty close. PM me if you want me to come over and take a look.

07-18-2005, 11:12 AM
Durb, I guess it comes down to cost to convert vs. selling your boat and finding something already set-up to your liking. I have the Westcoaster 172 Widebody with 70hp and like the boat and space in the rear. The only thing I don't like is the there is a bench seat at the rear which makes getting to the downriggers a bit tough. Your boat having been a center console does not which will give you a lot more space.

I think 25-30 horsepower 4 stroke will not be enough power. I understand new motors are very expensive but would go with 40 hp minimum. Just my opinion.

07-18-2005, 11:51 AM
A 40 hp 4-stroke would likely be too heavy for that boat.

07-18-2005, 05:37 PM
I aggree Doc the 40hp four stroke would be to heavy for my boat. I do have a bench in the far back and that is where the drivers seat is located behind the console. So I can sit down to drive, however it is nice to be able to stand up when driving also. My brother has a 14' west coaster side console and I like the set up. Lots more room towards the rear for trolling. I did go down to a klamath dealer and there 15-16' models with a center console has the console mounted all the way towards the front against the front seat. I am thinking the side console set up in the same location should work OK. The two seats are closer towards the middle. Thanks allfish for the tip on side consoles. I will give it a look. I was just going to run down to klamath in valeo to see if there model fits. I sure hope you find your boat.