View Full Version : Early Salmon?

02-02-2006, 08:56 PM
Well, salmon season is rapidly approaching...Feb 18! I am pretty new to salmon fishing on the ocean but I am itching to get out there. My question is, will it be worth it to go out on a party boat in late Feb/early March?

02-02-2006, 09:36 PM
I assume you mean up North. From what I understand Salmon season starts in the Bay Area April 1st.
The easy answer is its always worth it to go fishing :).
Now if you really want to catch a fish then it might not be a bad idea to wait 2 or 3 days to see what the weather and early counts are like.

02-02-2006, 09:37 PM
sometimes. It is different every year. I would go on a crab salmon combo.

02-03-2006, 07:06 PM
last year seemed like everything was a month behind


02-04-2006, 08:38 AM
yeah, the opener down here was rainy
with big swells so I went out sunday instead
and it didn't really come on for another 3wks..
then it got good...

I'll be looking early again early march
sand dabs are always a good indicator... ;) ;D

02-05-2006, 10:33 PM
Yes, I am speaking of up north. While I am always down to go fishing, I am not down with paying $100 for a party boat and getting skunked. For one, my wife would not be very happy!

The crab combo thing sounds like a good idea. That way I could bring home something and still get laid! 8)

02-06-2006, 12:09 PM
i think more important than the fish count in february up north is the swell height. january saw almost every day over 10' ground swell and plenty of them were 15'+. just this past saturday saw swells at the pt reyes and bodega wheather buoy marking 25', and it was supposedly stronger further north. may not be a survival issue for the larger charters, but even the saltiest amongst us will turn green on such seas.

02-06-2006, 06:29 PM
Went on a crab a trip a couple of weeks ago lucked out with beautiful day calm seas and everybody on board limited out. We went out of Ft.Bragg on the Sea Hawk with Capt. Tim Great guy and his deckhand was pleasent and made the day fun for everyone on board. This was a working trip but 10 crabs each made it well worth it.

02-06-2006, 06:52 PM
i thought i read some where that for chater boat crabs
all have to participate in the catching


02-06-2006, 06:59 PM
My sister and I went out on the Rumblefish on the opener last year because it was a little to snotty wavewise (is that a word?) for my boat. We personally got skunked on Salmon, but about six were landed on the boat and everyone went home with ten crabs each.

02-08-2006, 08:59 PM
There are some trips where you watch and drink wine but you don't get any of the catch just a boat ride.

02-10-2006, 11:10 AM
so is anyone getting out? this week has been insane on the water - offshore and in the 70's every day - there's some dense fog out there today and some considerable swell on tap for sunday, but all things considered looks like about as user friendly a february pacific you'll ever see.

02-10-2006, 11:43 PM
sunday will find me squidign up north at
davenport and on the way in maybe some
san dabs just to see if I can get some..... ;)