View Full Version : i want a do-over for columbus day

10-12-2005, 11:01 AM
i rented a house in bolinas a month ago - certain that i'd put enough stress on my marriage to do something nice with the family. gosh i'm a nice guy. start reading the reports in bodega and duxbury towards the end of the week. ugh. couldn't get the deposit back and the wife had her heart set on it.

when it galed all day saturday i figured i'd done the right thing. but sunday morning i woke at 7:00 to look out a glassy pond of an ocean - duxbury burried alive in boats. same on monday. i don't see very many reports so i'll assume you were all sunbathing out there. but by the sound of things, i'd have done well to go up to tomales and motor up to the river. :-/

i don't surf during fishing season, so i was on my board for the first time since may. i was out there stinking it up at bolinas. too distracted by the hundred pelicans diving 200 yards out. took a lung full of sandy salt water and caught a nasty cold from it. still - no matter what - i was in the water. and being in the water is a good thing.