View Full Version : Grimes near  Colusa

08-22-2005, 02:23 PM
:P Went down on friday stayed at the Riverside Inn, 41 5th st, Colusa. Nice,good rates.......Sat 5:30 6 of us on the water. All used wire spinner setups. After 4hrs no hits I put on a go to Flatfish that worked last year. 9:30am 1st hookup,a nice 22lb King male. fished till 5pm only 1 fish. Sunday 5:30;6 people; 11am still no salmom.Weht up to the Launch to have breakfast/lunch; then head back to Reno. We were 2-3 weeks early it seams.....
Saw only 5 other salmon caught in the 100 + man hours !!
.....Much later Mr Ed. PS green spinner.