View Full Version : a tribute to richard allen

08-12-2005, 11:15 PM
some of you who have fished the tomales bay area might know of richard allen. he has fished in and out of tomales bay since the mid 70's. he taught me a lot of what i know about fishing. sweet kind caring hushband and father to a 15 year old. one of the great stuarts of our local seas.

he tirelessly campaigned to address the water quality issues that are eroding the quality of the ecosystem in tomales bay for two decades and has achieved more than many commitees devoted to such matters single handedly.

he died an untimely death a week ago. there was a tremendous showing of the community at his service yesterday at vision point at heart's desire beach in tomales bay state park. he will be sorely missed by myself and many other local tomales bay fisherman.

he was a great personal friend and my favorite person to go salmon fishing with. i learned a great deal from him and i will miss him dearly. i know there's lots of bodega folks here, but if there's anyone reading this who knew him, please share any thoughts or memories here. thanks.

08-15-2005, 06:17 AM
I did not know him, but i call Bodega my secound home during the summer months.
I am greatfull of his efforts to help prserve are natural resourses.
He and his family are in are prayers.