View Full Version : Pacifica  07/22/05

07-22-2005, 04:02 PM
As we were going through the gate, we didn't know whether to turn left to go to Pacifica or turn right to go to Duxbury. We chose left. We were about 1/4 mile west of the Pacifica Pier. Actually, speaking for myself, it wasn't a bad choice because as soon as I let my line out, I had a fishon, 30"er. 15 minutes later I had another hookup for a 20" salmon. I thought it was going to be a grand day. There was bait all over the place. We were basically the only boat in that specific area (Pacifica Pier), the others were at Pigeon Point. Then the other boats came over to the area we were fishing. We noticed that there were lotsa moochers. We kept on trolling, though. The skipper loads a herring in his FBR and a couple of minutes later, fishon. The fish kept peeling line off the reel. We thought it was a huge salmon. As it got closer, we saw that it was not a salmon.....IT WAS A STRIPED BASS! I'd say it was in the 25 lbs - 30lbs range. After that, the bite shut down. We saw the coast guard boarding boats to check if they had their requirements...we didn't stay long enough for the coast guard to board our boat because we made a beeline towards Muir Beach. We were going to make the run to Duxbury, but we were getting pounded by the windchop so we just stayed at Muir Beach. Nothing there. We headed back into the bay. I suggested that we make a pass or 2 at California City before we head back in. Nothing their either. BTW, the hot lure on the boat was my blue krocodile.

I might head out tomorrow on my boat or chase Kokes at Berryessa....hrmmm, what to do....