View Full Version : Half Moon Bay shores

10-19-2008, 11:37 AM
A couple of us visited San Gregorio SB to light tackle surfperch fish Saturday morning. *A location I had never fished at. *I wore an old long john wetsuit and wading out to thigh to waste depths, cast out various plastic grubs and Gulp sandworms. * 5 lb test mono with a stiff mono leader on a Carolina rig with a 1/2 bullet sinker. * *Weather was mostly cloudy with low 60s air temps and waves were sizeable making for more difficult fishing in the breakers. *Although we walked back and forth a ways along the shore, had no bites. * Due to the gradual sloping sands into the water, larger waves tended to break twice as far out as we could cast so was awkward. *

Then drove north and tried another place I had never explored that required driving through some southern Half Moon Bay neighborhoods to reach a coastal access parking lot and pathway through the bluffs. * *A long unbroken beach to the north and south below usual crumbling cliff like hard sand geology bluffs. *There is alot of horse use on beach traffic in that area, however high tides regularly reach the edge of the bluffs that keeps sand unusually clean looking without horse apples about. * The sand is also whiter than usual, almost like granite sand, that gives the water a wonderful blue color by midday. * Because the HMB headlands stick far out to the west, the shore is somewhat sheltered from larger usual northwest swells. *The best thing I noticed was all along the sand to water interface, the sand sloped down relatively steeply into deeper nearshore waters. *Thus the waves tended to break close to the shore and it was easy to cast out beyond the breakers and then draw one's line in to where perch would likely be feeding on sand crabs.

Though we fished just an hour, I caught one nice fat 9-inch barred surfperch on a 1/3 shortened Gulp red ragworm. *Also seemed to have hooked a smaller perch that apparently came off before reaching shore. *That made for a delicious lunch as soon as I got home. * What superb light clean tasting flesh our surf perches have! * *Talked to one old guy that regularly fished the area and he confirmed having good luck thereabout some days. *So we are likely to return.