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12-03-2009, 11:49 AM
Fished pyramid on wednesday with the team. Another great day with lots of laughs and great fish to go along with it. Put 11 in the boat with the biggest just shy of 24". Green glow draggin was the star again putting 6 fish in the boat with black doing well also.
We fished east in the morning and then worked the west side at the nets and warrior. Weather was perfect all day. I'll be back soon. Water temp was 49.9 deg.

Ken's money fish


Stone Mother

12-03-2009, 11:59 AM
Factory plugs, not home made ....?? !!

Glad to see you guys got into the fish...........
looks like you covered a lot of water but it is all good if it makes your rod go down!!

Hoping to get out there soon,my self.

12-03-2009, 12:05 PM
Those were all Rich's handmade plugs Ed. I did run a few of my favorite lymans and spoons also for zero.
With the calm water and a few fish in the boat i figured it was a good time to do a little recon.

12-03-2009, 01:28 PM
Awesome day as always with the team


I did run a few of my favorite lymans and spoons also for zero.
I did warn you ;D ;D

Here's the keepers


12-03-2009, 02:28 PM
Nice report and pics guys. I'am really over due for a Pyramid trip. Rich looks like I need a green glow.

12-03-2009, 03:06 PM
Great report and nice catch. I have always wanted to fish this lake. Is there any good fishing from the bank on this lake?

12-03-2009, 06:56 PM
There are plently of good places to fish from the bank, I would just drive along the lake a try different spots, usually you can tell where the good spots are by looking for a group of people. Big spoons are popular here...

12-04-2009, 12:38 AM
Kevin just let me know if you need someone to go with you??

FF some of the biggest fish are caught from shore just do a little reading about the lake and I'm sure in no time you'll be an expert Pyramid shoreman!I caught fish at block house the first time I fished from shore there with Beth As I remember it was the first time I met Samm too!

Hope this helps
GVF Lures

Big Ken
12-04-2009, 03:08 AM
Yes it was a good trip. We had a blast. Riches green glow was the best. I fished a jointed Draggin in white & pink for a while, that caught 2 fish (1 of which Rich knocked off with the net ::) :o). . I think I will try that 1 again. It was the 1st time for that lure but not the last.

Here are a few more pics


Action shot

GVF lures get results
The flag says it all


Great day with great friends. Im really starting to like this lake.

Big Ken

12-04-2009, 03:23 AM
those are interesting plugs that managed to catch those fish....i just may have to dig around in one my countless tackle boxes for some of my old salmon trolling plugs...those lures certainly looked similar to the old Martin plugs or to J plugs.

12-04-2009, 05:06 AM
Do you need a license to fish pyramid or is it just the pass you get from the tribal board that you need? And where can you get the pass? Is there a closed season at pyramid or is it open all year?

12-04-2009, 05:18 AM
All you need to fish there is a tribal permit, $9 a day to fish... $9 to put a boat on the lake.. You can get the pass online apparently, ive got mine from crosby lodge on the lake, there a couple other places too. The lake is closed for part of the year, not sure on exact dates.. it opened to fishing about 2 months ago... I beleieve it doesnt close to fishing for a while...

12-04-2009, 05:21 AM
FF- You only need a tribal licence to fish Pyramid. You can get it at most sporting goods stores in Reno, at Crosby Lodge, and numerous other locations. You can als o get it on the Pyramid Rangers webpage [url]http://plpt.nsn.us/rangers/index.html Sorry, I don't know how to hyperlink. The lake is a winter fishery and the dates may change slightly, so the best thing to do is to download the regs book from the above webpage. It'll also give you the size limits and proper hook/lure regs.

12-04-2009, 05:26 AM
Thank you everyone for all the info. This will help get me started next time I am up that way.

12-04-2009, 05:32 AM
Nice seeing you guys up there 8-)
here is another caught on a gvf lure
http://img18.imageshack.us/img18/4008/fullmoon002.jpg (http://img18.imageshack.us/i/fullmoon002.jpg/)

12-04-2009, 06:59 AM
FF, go to the fishing techniques section and read "More and Bigger at Pyramid". Study it and you'll be well on your way to being a "pyramid specialist" ;) ;D

Hey Tim, thats a great looking lure. I don't have one of those YET. Rich, i'll need two ;)

12-04-2009, 07:30 AM
I was out there fishing Wednesday also - bite was slow and we only hooked 5 by noon - using Apex's - can you recommend 8-) some spots on the east side?

12-04-2009, 09:46 AM
Tahoe24x7 As you see in the back drop of some of the pic we are near the Pyramid .Get right next to it and work points and drops near by.We did best at 30 -35 ' OTW nothing hit the top line..We like a bit of a long set back 100' -130' We also like to fish Hell's Kitchen but skipped it this trip.We stayed in 75- 100' of water.

Hope this helps.

. Rich, i'll need two
You got it buddy

Good pic Tim thanks it'll go on my web site look for it ;)

TO ALL that have not been to the lake and wish to do so I highly recommend reading ALL the rule and reg that the tribe has for the lake !!
You can find them and all the info to get a permit to fish,camp ,launch on the Crosby's web site


12-05-2009, 11:21 AM
GVF - thanks much - next week looks bad with the incoming storms so will head back out week after next. 8-)

12-05-2009, 11:58 PM
I agree Ken ad I were going over the hill Monday morn to meet up with a couple other fisherman but I think its gonna get a big red X in it ;D