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09-28-2009, 08:22 AM
Took advantage of the work furlough, and headed to Lake Alpine with Stonesfan. I had fished the lake from shore a few times, over the years, but never from my boat, so today was the day.

Alpine is near the top of Ebbetts Pass, at 7,350 feet elevation. The deepest point onn the lake, I found was 31 feet, near the dam, and were surprised by a large rock outcropping at 6 ft, quite a ways from shore. The waters temp was around 60 degrees , with a lot of fish feeding at the surface, and many putting on quite the aerial show. We were in the parking lot of Alpine, watching the sun come over the West side of the Sierra's, when I remembered I had forgotten my camera. >:(

The water lever had dropped to the point, where the dock is unusable, and you must back off the end of the concrete ramp to get the boat in. It's about a 12" drop, so you need a spotter to ease the drop off. Thanks to fellow forum member Reeltor, for the heads up on the ramp, could of been ugly. In fact, we had 2 different groups tell us they sustained damage trying to launch.

I couldn't get my 40 year old motor to cough to life, so we ran on battery power, right from the dock. Stonesfan no sooner had his line in, when he started getting hit. That is how the entire day went. My fishfinders screen was full of arches through the middle of the lake. Saw a couple other little boats working the shoreline, and they were having success as well. Stonesfan was running a streamer fly on one rod, and a grub, I had a silver apex, and a crawler/wild thing combo on the other. My apex was getting no love, but they were taking the worms off the hook with gusto, but nothing stuck.

Stonesfan, meanwhile, got one on the fly, and 2 on his Grub combo. I switched out to grubs on both rods, one naked, running at 15-25 ft OTW, trying to keep below the hungry hordes of TFF's; ( tiny finned fiesty's), and toplined the other grub behind a red eyed, CB wild Thing. The grub on the DR got me 3 chunky bows, 15.5" to almost 18", with the biggest one at 2 lbs. The fight these fish put up, was amazing, must have been the altitude. :) They stripped line, went under the boat, went airborne, you name it, they did it. Stonesfan did a great job, to get them in to the net. Thanks, Stony, you da man!

We wrapped it up at noon, with a little battery left to spare. If you haven't yet gotten to fish Lake Alpine, take advantage of the fall weather, and make a run up there. It is breath taking, and the Lodge has good food and cocktails to enjoy at the end of your day. It's a great lake for Kayaks, or float tubes, and we saw several, working the far shore near the dam, plying the waters with their flyrods, in search of the "catch of the day"

There a a bunch of cool places to see, and places to fish, along the way, from tiny, gin clear streams, to Highland Creek, the North fork of the Stan, plus Utica lake, one of the most scenic lakes ever to paddle a kayak on. The weather is perfect, now is the time. Lots of campsites.

Thanks, Stony, for coming along and making a great day perfect. Stonesfan was the first Sniffer, to invite me out fishing with him, almost 3 years ago, and just one of many friends I have made, and fished with on this board. Reeltor provided me with the info that got us onto fish, another great guy that calls East Hiway 4 home. Thanks Guys!

09-28-2009, 10:38 AM
Well done you two. Hey Steve....maybe the motor wouldn't start because of the altitude. I ran my old boat at that lake once, I was very surprise at how poor it ran up there. I think it's just telling you it wants to be at Melones or Pardee.


09-28-2009, 12:04 PM
Very nice Steve great job and report. I just love that lake. Magic it is. I have spent a ton of time at Alpine as a kid and with my kids. Maybe it's time.

Good job


09-29-2009, 01:44 AM
Awesome report! Sounds like a great day. I too have not been there since I was a kid. Glad to hear it's doing well. Also, I'm surprised that it's only 31 feet deep...

09-29-2009, 02:53 AM
great report ... i was there in august ... beautiful .... there was a lady there celebrating her 50th consecutive year at alpine ... i've been going before that but not consecutive .... fantastic when the lake is full ... the level was starting down when we were there in mid august ... the dock was a little "cati-whampous" back then ...