View Full Version : 8/10 Rough day on 88 Silver, Caples, & Upr Blue

08-12-2009, 01:33 AM
Hello again all, glad to see the site back up.* Not all whole lot to report for this trip, but thought I would share my day anyway.* My brother and I got on the road early Monday first stop was Silver, we fished the Dam area with KM's and such and got nada not even a follow.* After an hour or so we headed up further to Caples.* At least we had some entertainment there, thousands of chubs (?) were dimpling the surface everywhere,* as well as small schools of bows cruising the shoreline.* We even saw one of those big Neb. bows go by but nothing was biting.* My guess is the several clear moonlight nights coupled with an abundance of baitfish didn't leave the fish very hungry. :-? So we decided to go up to Upper Blue with hopes to change our luck.
A hazy Hope Valley.
Upper Blue.
We fished the northeast side with everything we could think of but still could'nt manage a fish.* With not much hope for the fishing to improve we decided to go up to lost lakes and explore an area we had never been to.* We had to hike up cause the Suby wouldn't make it up the trail so we got some exercise but it was fun.*
Lower lake.
They are draining the lower lake so it is a bit of mudhole right now.
Upper lake.
We fished here as well with the same results. I read in one of my old books this place can be good for brookies.* If anyone has any info on this, I love PM's! ;) There were A TON of what I think are chubs up there too.* They were so thick you could just scoop them up onto the shore.* They were pretty weird looking with big swollen bellies.
I ended up taking a bunch of pics up there which I'll put on the Photo & Art brd.* See ya

Captain Compassion
08-12-2009, 02:02 AM
Sometimes the stars line up. Sometimes not. Lots of minnow action at the lakes and the fish have been feeding on the full moon. In a week they will be feeding in the morning and evening. Nice pictures and story. Next time. ;)


08-12-2009, 04:42 PM
Better luck next time OAC. Thanks for sharing your report. 8-)

08-13-2009, 08:06 PM
I don't think Lost holds fish. I camped up there a couple of weeks ago. I sat and watched the lake all evening. It was like glass. If there were brookies in there, they would vave been rising.