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05-26-2009, 08:55 AM
Hit McSwain Friday and Saturday this past weekend for the first time. coming from Sacramento I felt like I was going the wrong way the entire time getting there. After looking at a map of the lake I decided to travel towards where the inlet comes in even though the majority of the boats were on the main body of the lake. This was a good choice, there was hardly anyone up there and the fishing was incredible. We had a fish on the about every fifteen minutes for as long as we wanted to stay out. Mixed bag of rainbows and brookies all in the 16 inch neighborhood.
The interesting thing was that nothing worked consistently beteween the trips out on the lake. One trip the hot item was a kast master in silver and a watermelon seps with a worm. The next was a panther martin and olive green woolie bugger etc.....
All fish were caught in the top 10 feet of water and the downrigger was not very affective.
We found the hot areas to be where the pollen was pooling on the water. The fish seemed to be feeding off something in the mess there.

My six year old did great with the green power eggs and is hooked now. He caught several fish on his own from baiting his hook to casting the line and feeling the bite. Those power eggs are great for teaching the little ones how to bait and cast because they stay on until you pull them. Even after catching fish if I was able to get the hook out the eggs were still on it. i now even have a four year old learning to cast towards the swirlss.

05-26-2009, 11:34 AM
great post and good to hear that people are still catching fish consistantly.

05-26-2009, 09:28 PM
Thanks for the report.

What are they charging now-a-days to park in there? It was 6 bucks last time I looked, a few years ago...

How did the Mill Pond (Below) look like??



05-27-2009, 07:03 AM
I have no idea what the parking fee was because I camped there, but here is the fee schedule. I tlooks like it is $12 to bring a boat there and add $4 more if you have a dog. Mill pond looked pretty full but I didn't see anyone fishing it. McSwain fluctuated by at least 10 ft during each day, so i assume they were just letting water out and then holding it in for a few hours.

Per Day Use Price Per Day
Vehicle and/or Motorcycle $6.00
$5.00 Senior Citizen (62+)
Boat $6.00
$5.00 Senior Citizen (62+)
Pet Fee $4.00
Compliance/Collection Fee $25.00