View Full Version : Shasta Trout Derby Report (Snarly Weather)

05-04-2009, 09:44 AM
Fish Shasta Trout Derby in some snarly weather and wind condition using baby Minnow Bullet Rotators in the Pitt River arm. 21 place in the money check plus winning a blind bogey..Haven't given up my day job yet....Chuckle. We used Shelton Products Baby MBR with Shasta Products sling blades as well as their Pee Wee and Cripp lures we were using Pro-Cure scents...Did a 1/2 day prefish with my friend Gary Morales and did some video of him pulling in some trout on my rod while I ran the camera. We fishes shadow as the Pitt River arm will eat down rigger balls from all the underwater trees...I donate some tackle to those trees.

Prefish day 10 trout 3 bass (Nice weather)
Saturday in the (snarly storm) 6 trout 3 bass
Sunday 6 trout one bass (snarly storm till 10 then cleared up)
Baby MBR accounted for most of the fish on Saturday and Sunday derby days
Ran Shasta Tackle stuff when fish with Gary on prefish.

Many thanks to Kokanee Power Gary Coe and John Lico for putting on a great derby....Nice group of folks.
My fishing partner was Ray Link who is a great fishermen........

05-04-2009, 02:56 PM
were you in the early launching group out of jones valley? Were you in the red harborcraft? We were in the red duckworth, mike elster's boat. I think in know ray, Iv'e run into him quite a few times in that derby before as well as other events. It was very interesting with the wind ans rain combo as well as weird cold blasts which i think produced hail and sleet in some places of the lake. Nice report we had a great first day and a really slow second day, so at least you guys were consistant with your catch. I would like to know more about sheldon products, I know the man himself was there and I didn't have the time to meet him, seems like a good rolling device.


05-04-2009, 03:11 PM
Yes The Maroon Harbercraft with the radar tower is my boat......Yes we launch at Jones Valley all 3 days......I saw the red duck a few times on the Pitt.
I read your report and it sounds like you folks did great.....The Baby Minnow Bullet Rotator™ is a new not on the market prototype and it did well. Its a smaller version of the MBR (Minnow Bullet Rotator™ ) at Shelton Products web site......

05-04-2009, 04:16 PM
Right on! I thought with the report it was you guys, We did do good enough to help us place but really struggled to get fish in the boat on sunday. We did see you in the honey hole up in the pit, good spot and it seemed at on time or another everyone did ok up there. Nice chatting with you see you on the water soon again well be chasing down more fish for the fall derby. Thanks for the info