View Full Version : icehouse????

04-24-2009, 11:32 PM
I was thinking about going to icehouse next week. I know they aren't stocking it but there should still be a ton of fish in there. Has anyone been up there? I was curious what the road was like and how the lake looked.

04-25-2009, 06:27 AM
Getting there will not be a problem. Usually there is still some piles of snow in the campgrounds on the opening weekend of trout season. The fish you speak of, are you thinking they are holdover planters?

04-25-2009, 06:36 AM
i am reffering to holdovers. i have fished it in years past before they started stocking for the season and have done really well. i usually take the dirt road all the way down past strawberry campground to where the stream comes in. do you think it wont be worth the drive. for me its about and hour and a half. you have any other suggestions for shore fishing. cant do alot of walking cause im coming off from breaking my leg.

04-25-2009, 07:11 AM
I know the road and fishing spot your talking about. There may be snow blocking that road, I don't know. Worst case you can probably fish near the boat ramps and campgrounds. It shouldn't be a total loss.

04-26-2009, 07:39 AM
Yeah *I feel the pain the trek for me is 3 hours to get there and I do well too. *Now that its on the no plant list I am researching new pastures. It's just too expensive to lay on chance. I suspect that fishery will be fished out very soon and the summer folks that visit every year will dwindle. *Im not driving all that way to sit for hours to get a bite................They moved the cheese............................................ ...................Good Luck

Captain Compassion
04-26-2009, 07:50 AM
Icehouse is on the DFG no plant list. Any fish out of that water will be either holdovers from last years planting or naturals.


04-26-2009, 06:35 PM
Threw everything at them at Ice House today and not even a nibble. *First skunk ever at Ice House for me. :'(