View Full Version : Striper or Halibut? Frozen bait or live bullhead?

09-10-2009, 08:13 AM
Heading out to the bay for some fishing this weekend. Prefer halibut, but I'm hearing that the halibut fishing is slowing and that the striper action is heating up.

Also, i've trapped a bunch of sculpins (bullhead). I hear that these are great for stripers and just OK for halibut. So, the question is, if I go for halibut (Berkeley Flats & the like) rather than stripers (SPB), should i use frozen bagged bait or live bullhead? I don't want to pay for a full scoop at the registers because i don't even eat my catch.

So, if any of you say that frozen bait is preferable, maybe I'll just go for halibut on Saturday and stripers on Sunday with the bullhead. Thoughts?