View Full Version : San Pablo Sunday April 5th.

04-05-2009, 06:36 PM
San Pablo, Sunday april 5th.
Our fish total this year so far is 68.
This is our 10th fishing trip in 09.

Beautiful, 70+ degrees. windy after 2:00pm.
Two fish.
We got up at 6am and got on the lake and to our spot at graveyard cove at 8:15.
We passed inspection, thank god, after missing our banding time at Pardee last weekend.

Very slow start. There were a lot of other boaters in the cove.
A few were catching.
10:09- Mike caught a 14 1/2" trout on yellow power eggs and a fake orange worm. Released it.

We moved to a few other spots in the lake and eventually went back to graveyard cove.
4:21- Kristy caught a 15" trout on one green and one sparkle orange power egg plus a fake yellow worm.
Sadly it could not be saved so we will toss him in the smoker.

We went back to the launch at 5pm, got our band and made it home by 5:30.
Long day once again on the boat. We were both sunburned and thanks to taking two dramamine each were only slightly *rocking still.
At least we both caught today......NO SKUNK!
Haven't decided where to go next Sunday but we will let all you sniffers know...........
Happy Face!
Mike and Kristy



04-05-2009, 07:48 PM
P.S. Seems other sniffers had better luck here today.
We tried everything except we had no live worms
Maybe that's what made the difference.

Too Lazy to leave our spot and run up to get them.
Thats what you get for!
Mike and Kristy.