View Full Version : Owens valley, upper twin lakes vs. silver lake

04-03-2009, 09:19 PM
I'll be taking my family camping and fishing up in Owens Valley off of Hwy. 395. I'm trying to figure out what lake to go to. Both Lake Silver and Twin Lakes sound nice. I'll be bringing my 19' boat with a 175h.p. 2 stroke and a couple of dogs as well and we'll be sleeping in a tent. Does anyone have any suggestions.

04-03-2009, 09:45 PM
For overall quality of fish, and by that I mean a chance at a lunker and over all catch rates, I would pick Twin Lakes. It's one of a few lakes that has a self sustaining population of kokanee, too. Theyre quite small and perfect food for the bigger fish.


Captain Compassion
04-03-2009, 09:53 PM
I'm with JMat. Silver lake (Mono County) is a fairly small lake for such a big boat. Better launching at Upper or Lower Twin. Good fishing for Bows, Browns and Kokes. Good camping around both lakes.


04-03-2009, 10:08 PM
Boy, I love the fish Sniffer! Thanks for the replies. I'm guessing the 2 stroke motor wont be a problem. I was thinking of trolling with rapalas and maybe using some powerbait and worms. Do you have any suggestions on lures and bait for rainbows or browns? I heard corn works great, but I think it's illegal.