View Full Version : Collins Lake-Friday Mar.27

03-27-2009, 08:36 PM
Got there at 8:15 or so and planned to fish off the bank due to projected wind. No wind so should have taken my boat- not- as it turns out.
Water looked to be about 2' visibility but from the bank it's tough to tell with a sloping bottom. Saw 3 fish caught by trollers but we could only see a little of the action if there was any. We fished between the ramp and the dam.
Saw a fair amount of fish caught off the bank with the biggest being 8#. Heard of one other 8# fish caught off the bank closer to the ramp. Power Bait in pale colors and not far off shore. We caught 8 fish and lost 3. All were 12"-14" with one about 18". They didn't bite everywhere and we had to wait to move into a spot some other guys left after catching all they wanted. Sun up till 5pm we had bites as schools moved by. After 5 I never saw anybody get bit on shore or on a boat. Go during the week because the people that were showing up were going to make the weekend miserable. One had a dog that barked constantly and it sounded like one of those squeeze bulbed clown horns.
I'd fish off the bank till the water gets noticebly clearer.