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08-18-2009, 09:28 AM
Went out looking for butts with my new fishing buddy in his awesome 23' cuddy. He's a friend of my dad, but my dad couldn't get out yesterday, so he volunteered me instead.

We pulled out of Sausalito ~7am (my first time not having to launch a boat) and ran over to SF for a "small" scoop of some huge dines (my first time fishing with live bait). We started right in front of the dock, but the wind made the drift a little odd. Ran over to TI for a couple of drifts. Not much going on around us. Went to Angel and found the same. Decided to take a peek outside (my first time under the GG). Drifted Bonita Cove a few times for one tiny RF (my first on a private boat). This thing was half the size of the sardine whose tail it tried to bite...pretty ambitious. Towards the end of the drift, both of us get snagged. Not wanting to lose out setups, we start up the boat and reverse past the snag. Mine comes loose, but it takes a minute for my partner to get his to budge. Here's what he ends up retrieving:
(needless to say...first I've seen)

We make one more drift with no activity. When we get towards the end, he gets snagged (must be rocks in that spot) and I go to pick up my rod and it starts to load up in my hands. I figure it's a snag so I pull up hard and it comes loose. Get it to the surface and the sardine is chewed to shreds. That was our first real bite of the day.
My buddy makes a call to his friend who recommends we check out Seal Rocks. I knew their approximate location, so I said cool. Turns out the rocks are just a marker for a spot thats a bit further out. It was a rougher ride than I would have liked, and once we parked it didn't take long for me to start feeling a little disoriented. My partner graciously agreed to head back for some shelter. Back into Bonita Cove we went. When we arrived, the tide was slack and there was barely any wind. It took a while for me to start feeling better, but the sun was starting to come out and it was starting to look nice. We decided to have a few beers to try to change the mood a little. I guess it works because soon I get a drive-by, and then he gets bit shortly after. Then I hook up into a nice leopard (my first keeper):

This fish makes a total mess of our lines and it takes us a few minutes to untangle. His bait is first to hit bottom and gets bit almost immediately; his excitement gets the best of him and he swings and misses. I hit bottom about 10 seconds later, and the rod immediately loads up. Fish on. After a short fight we get a 32" butt in the net (my personal best). We get a few more bites after that, but nothing sticks.

On our way back in, we stop at Chrissy Field but it was too windy and we didn't have enough weight to hold bottom. A party boat next to us manages to stay almost completely still while having its side to the wind. No idea how he was doing it. We headed for the docks at 3:30 with our catch of 1 butt and 1 leopard:

A quick wash...
...and we were on our way. Kind of nice not having to put the boat in a pull it out.

I had an awesome day despite the beating I took out in the open water. Had some fresh beer battered hali last night. Yumm!

Can't wait for next time!


08-18-2009, 12:27 PM
Good report and Pics Alan. Too bad you couldn't of stayed out in the open water a little longer as that seems to be where they have been at lately. At least you got some fish had some coldies and met a new fishing buddy. Sounds like a fine day to me. Those party boats definitely have an advantage in the wind, they have side thrusters and can pretty much stay where they want.

08-18-2009, 09:47 PM
Good honest report and pictures, especially the star fish. Last week we were rock fishing out of Monterey and caught a sea cucumber, never did that before; but we took a picture of it and then released it.

From the looks of that boat of your Dad's friend... I think I would be buying him a Christmas present and making him my new best friend. [smiley=winkfs.gif]