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Flash Sportfishing
08-16-2009, 07:28 AM
Hey Sniffers, 8/16/09

The beginning of the last 3 days was great to just ok. 8/13 I had a great group of fishermen. We fished outside Fort Mason, Alcatraz and Angle Island. I take my hat off to this group as they choose to try some other type of fishing after they had enough halibut. There is no question in my mind that if we stayed where we were we would have had early limits. We left biting fish at 13 halibut in the box. 8/14 I had a family group, 4 young boys and their parents. Again this family decided to take the boys shark fishing and BBQ, once they had enough halibut. We fished Fort Mason, Alcatraz, Angle Island, Yellow Bluff, north tower of the Golden Gate and the south bay for sharks. We spent some time doing some family photos at the Golden Gate, great back ground. They boxed 7 halibut and one large leopard shark. They wanted to try the leopard shark on the grill. I have to say it feels good to leave some fish for the future once you have had your fill. 8/15 my group fished hard and we added South Hampton and Paradise to the spots as the bite slowed a little. My group only boxed 5 fish for a full day of fishing. All 3 trips we were fishing the small to medium anchovies with 20 lb mono leaders. I am also using a small #2 to #3 thin wire hook. My main line is equipped with a slider for the lighter dropper to the weight. This seemed to work very well for the chovies. I have a half day am trip tomorrow. We will start looking for the bass bite to pick up with the early tides starting to build. Enjoy the photos on my photo page at http://www.flashfishing.net.

Captain Steve Talmadge
Flash Sport Fishing