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12-28-2008, 11:31 AM
Kinda late with this. But here it goes.... hit Mcswain about 7:00am on Friday after the two hour ride. Was fishing with my Brother-in law Kevin and my brother Earl. Could not get my sister to come, too cold. Hit the water topling a green wedding ring and red wedding ring with flashers. Drop the one of other poles down with a silver blue Sep's sidekick and Silver/Blue excel. The other pole a 4" blue UV Shasta Tackle dodger with a UV fish scale Cripplure on it. Both @ 12' and 13' respectfully. We were getting bite after bites on the wedding rings and then Boom! I get into one that was landed and digitally weighed in 4.6lbs. My brother in Kevin brought in 3 nice fish and lost one that was about six ponuds 10 feet from the boat. Pretty funny his reaction to losing such hog. *;D Then late he loses a four pounder that sheers the line off against the down rigger cable. Left due to the loss of tackle and 25 mph wind about 2:30. But had loads of fun with my two brothers. Ended up with 8 fish caught and another 6-8 loss. And a lot short strikes.

What worked for us....

Green/Red wedding rings 1/2 crawler w/vance flashers(gold or slver)
Blue Sidekick w/silver blue excels
W/M Sidekicks w/wedding ring tip with 1/2 crawler
UV Blue Shasta Dodger with UV FishScale Cripplure

Speed: 1.3 -1.5
Scent: UV Trophy Trout
Depths: Surface to 13'
Set-Backs: Surface 140'-150'; 12-13' 85'-100'
Temps: 48.5-53.8

Ten Minutes in to the Trip

4.6lb Fat Female

Kevin and Earl

See you on the water till next time!!! :)

12-28-2008, 01:07 PM
Congrats on the big fish to bad you guys lost the big one, I was there on Saturday and caught a few.