View Full Version : Shasta Lake Trout Derby thie weekend

10-08-2008, 06:50 AM
Hi Shasta Derby goers.Let me put your concerns at ease. Shasta has plenty of water the lake is down 151 feet. At this level there is 190 miles of shore line left. The Sugarloaf boat ramp should be usable along with Bridge Bay,Centamudi and Jones Valley. Feel free to contact me at Sugarloaf Cottages Resort 1-800-953-4432 for last minute launching information. Regarding the Shasta Lake Derby, this weekend the fishing should be fantastic. The Trout are on the surface. There are huge balls of shad. We have Cheesy 140 signed up for the derby as of tonight. I expect to have another 20 before Saturday. If you want to enter call me or email me and I can take the entry fee by credit card.I expect a great derby and looking forward to seeing everyone.

Harold Jones,
Shasta Lake Trout Derby,
Sugarloaf Cottages Resort,