View Full Version : Shasta 9/13 & 14

09-16-2008, 03:34 PM
A little tougher bite than usual at Shasta this weekend. Took a couple of fair weather fisherman that liked to sleep so we didn't get started til mid morning each day. 3 bodies and 4 rods produced 12 fish in the boat over about 7 hours of fishing.... lost another 3 or 4 at the boat due to some inexperience on the net. Mostly smaller fish but we did manage a couple of nice ones that went about 22". The best bite was in the 60' range but we caught fish from 40' to 90'.The usual Shasta Tackle lures did the trick and we were working the main body of water from the dam and north.
The lake is extremely low and alot of the ramps are closed so check it out before you show up to your favorite spot to put in and find its nothin but mud. Also made for some muddy water conditions in several areas. *

rc mckokanee
09-16-2008, 03:58 PM
i havent been in shasta much this year because of the low water, but i know the little backbone area and dry creek area can produce some nice salmon, in the past we went down to 120 feet..hopefully we get alot of rain this year and the lake fills. still you can catch some nice fish. sounds like you still had a great time