View Full Version : Pinecrest 7-27-08

07-29-2008, 01:20 PM
Didn't take many pics and the ones I have suck so I'll spare you those.

Fished Pinecrest Lake, but only for a few hours at the worst part of the day, on 7-26-08 and got skunked. *It was hot and smokey but I gave it a go anyway. *Trolled wedding rings on slingblades and tried power bait and spoons with no luck. * I knew it was the wrong part of the day to be there but that's when the crew wanted to go.

I did manage to salvage the trip with a few visits to the South Fork of the Slanislaus River (just below the Pinecrest dam). I limited out the first day and kept them, then the second day I was letting them go. *It was a mix of DFG planters and natives.

15 Bows total: 9 on Needlefish, 1 on another little tiny spoon, and the balance came on yellow/red power bait drifted on a 5' leader from a bobber.

It was good fun and the largest fish was about 12" long.

I also tried jigging grubs with poor results.

By the way, these are the first trout I have ever caught. They don't fight like spotted bass do, but they are pretty fiesty.