View Full Version : Kings River via Wishon last weekend

07-29-2008, 12:16 AM
Had a great time fishing the upper fork of the Kings from Wishon. *boated in, camped on the beach Fri-Sat nights. *

Buddy was fly fishing, I was using spinning outfit. *Craploads of 12-14" rainbows in the big pools. *Not much in the faster water. *Fri & Sat none of my usual "go to" river lures (1/16th oz Panther Martins in black/gold, yellow/silver and yellow/black). *Took a few on a black/silver Rooster tail, fire tiger/silver Rooster tail and white crappie jig. *Very frustrating, seeing 10-15 fish stacked up, following my spinner over and over. *And they stayed in those pools morning/noon/night, and did not spook easily, either. But when they did take it, wow. *I have never had trout fight that hard and jump that much. *I mean they went berzerk! *IMO it killed the myth that native/wild fish put up a better fight. ** On Sun I finally got a few on a yellow/silver panther martin, including a 14" brown. *Pretty fish, but gave up after the first few seconds. *

Sat morning, the lake dropped more than I expected & we had to drag the boat out of the mud. *Didn't learn my lesson & Sun morning it was up on rocks. * >:( *Put on a good show for the other boaters.

Speaking of low water, had a good time treasure hunting. *Found a couple flashers and a squirt gun. *What a weekend!

07-29-2008, 12:19 PM
Zio thanks for your report. Years ago we fished that area. One of my fisnin' buds has a son the wants to be dropped off there when we troll. Sometimes he does better and sometimes not. Another nice trip, (loaded with large fish), is from the dam down to Black Rock. It's been ages but seems that it took around 3 days on horseback and about 5 days afoot. Lots of dang snakes, and it's pretty rugged for the horses. There is a fantastic place where Little Rancherio dumps into the Kings, that I would like to live.