View Full Version : Frenchman scratched the surface 7/19

07-20-2008, 06:44 PM
First time to frenchman. Took the family camping for the weekend. The camp host said we got the last campsite at the lake. And that was the CG a half mile from the lake. Sat we managed to arrive at a spot on the SE shore at around 10 oclock. That was an undertaking. I was happy to see lots of fish rising. I threw a KM with a bugger in tow for nothing. The fish were feeding on what looked like small winged termites. The wind was starting. I tied on a small hopper fly behind a bubble. I got two strikes but was unable to set the hook. Pretty cool though.
After moving to different locations looking for a picnic table for lunch while lugging chairs, towels, innertubes etc...., it became to windy to fish.
Later, in the evening, I made the half mile trek to the lake from the CG for an hour and half of bank fishing an inlet near the dam. I hooked a beauty bow on a marabou jig/ copper john trailer. Immediately, I thought, my drag was too tight so I loosened it a turn and he took off fast - zzzzzzzzzzz. I retightened and scrambled down the rocks, but now, I couldn't see my line from the glare and sunglasses. Where did he go? Then he broke off. the whole rig. I don't even know if he took the jig or the copper john. I played that fish like a total BONEHEAD. Wish I had a do over. A little while later I hooked a ~15" RB on a marabou jig and played him right in close and he escaped @#$% :D I checked the jig, and yup, barb bent down for CnR waters.
Things could have been luckier for me, but it was still a fun time with my wife and young daughter at a neat reservoir in the peak of summer.
The fish are THERE :)