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06-14-2008, 03:42 PM
On the water at 6 with one lead core down 3.5 colors and the rigger at 40 feet. Both had silver Sling Blades 18 inches in front of my black and yellow wedding ring type gizmo & crawler and the other had a red and pearl gizmo & crawler.

Found fish in the obvious spots. First 2 in the boat across the inlet at Zebe Creek at about 6:50, standard fat 14 inch trout. *Dead until I reached the power lines.....strike and a miss. *Nothing else for about 45 minutes. Cranked in the lead core and smeared Garlic Plus Super Gel and let her back down 3.5 colors. Instantly had a hookup but lost him about 20 feet from the boat. *Rebait + more Garlic Gel and send it. *Brought the rigger up and smeared the Garlic to the crawler and back down she went. While making the turn in front of LeFever both rods go down. Rigger is closer so I net another fat 14 incher, but I lost the fish on the lead core rod. Nothing until I got to the underwater island by Lombardos when the lead core rod tip hit the water. WOW! What a strike. This fish pulled line so I turned the boat into that rod to relieve some pressure 'cause I knew I was safe with the rigger side. Odd, but as hard as this guy fought he was just another Pine Flat 14 incher. While I was holding him next to my adequately accurate measuring device he twisted loose and in the water he went.

Lice and boarders were hitting the water good about now (10:30) so I packed it in and put her away.

Oh yea........it was HOT!

I did talk to another guy and helped him with a radio check. He said they caught limits at 40 feet using dodgers and a naked crawler, and also a sand colored needle fish.


06-17-2008, 03:08 PM
Nice skally.
Your hard work is paying off ;)
Must be the chile ;D

06-18-2008, 07:45 AM
Good job Edd! Nice to see some fish coming around this bad moon rising!