View Full Version : Canyon Creek yesterday Yuba today (Pics added)

06-13-2008, 02:14 PM
Unfortunately I didnt get any pictures of it but the highlight of Canyon Creek was a River Otter of all things. I had never seen one outside of monterey bay aquarium so it was quite a surprise. I didnt even know they were in that area. Pretty cool all in all. As for the fishing, standard wild rainbows with beautiful colors all released.

Decided to get out eraly today and hit the North then Middle Fork of the Yuba River for a total of 7 Rainbows and 3 Smallmouth Bass. Kept 1 and the 2 that swallowed the hooks. I'll have to post the two pictures I have later... sorry. Wonderful day on the river today... no clouds, no crowds, and plenty of fish!

I have got to remember my camera next time... cell phones only work so so.