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04-21-2009, 11:10 AM
There is often a lot of anticipation for "the live bait season" to arrive which is usually associated with the arrival of the anchovies in the bay, yet I cannot help but notice that live bait has been available for some time now in the form of shiners. Also, the ability to catch your own bait (e.g shiners, smelt etc) has been available too.

Is it just a tradition or is there an advantage of a live chovie over a shiner?

04-21-2009, 11:24 AM
Dont anchovies have a high flop factor? I mean chovies dance alot more than shiners " correct"?

04-21-2009, 01:04 PM
i just think it's easier to catch a bucket of anchovies than a bucket of shiners, but i havent been fishing enough to make a good comparison between the two.

also, if you want to change up and chase other species, they will all for sure eat an anchovie. halibut, striper, salmon, ling, rockfish, sharks, white seabass, albacore...

last season when fishing santa cruz and capiola, i myself caught and the bait guy was selling small live squid, about 3-4in long. if they werent so difficult to keep alive, im sure they would be superior to other live baits for some species. anybody use these little squids?

04-21-2009, 04:00 PM
anchovies are abundant and good, but i prefer shiners because they live longer. plus you don't need a cooler full of shiners ;).

04-21-2009, 05:35 PM
Live squid is always good. Rockfish, seabass, halibut will all eat squid.

04-21-2009, 08:47 PM
Shiners definitely last longer than chovies... They require less care and will take more abuse (especially if you're casting)... I prefer chovies if I'm drifting and shiners if I'm banking it...

04-21-2009, 09:02 PM
a difference between live chovie and shiner? i dont think so. in my opinion most people use chovies because they are considerably cheaper.
chovies die a lot faster than shiners. even with a live well, the chovies go pretty quick, shiners are hardy little creatures and will last a lot longer than the chovies.

04-22-2009, 03:34 PM
i would move rather shiners had alot of luck years ago with them but anymore they are hard to catch and no bait shops are carrying them around berkeley or richmond

04-22-2009, 06:38 PM
i would move rather shiners had alot of luck years ago with them but anymore they are hard to catch and no bait shops are carrying them around berkeley or richmond

gotta go to oakland. mike's bait has them mostly all the time. at least that's where i get em :).

04-22-2009, 06:42 PM
gafish, loch lomond bait shop had them, 20.00 doz. but he usually gives you 1 or 2 extra

04-24-2009, 11:33 AM
going to try to get to Mike's tonight and see about some shinners

04-25-2009, 06:27 PM
Shiners definitely live longer. Iíve had them survive the three-hour trip home from Berkeley in the bottom of my live well in a couple inches of water, when its 100 plus degrees out. I donít even think you need live well for shiners.
I prefer Anchovies to Shiners but Iíve actually caught as many Halibut on dead bait as live.

04-26-2009, 06:32 AM
I use shinners at Hog Island, catch them right off the pier at Lawsen's but I haven't used them out at Berkley.

04-30-2009, 09:32 PM
My experience has been shiners to be a lot tougher and stay alive a lot longer, and there have been days they were the ticked on halibut, the flatties just love them.

05-01-2009, 06:51 AM
shiners are like candy to halis or stripers they live longer and they dont stink up your livewell for weeks! sometimes you can catch 2 fish on the same shiner! there only down side is the price. And like other people said it's really easy to fill up a baitwell full of chovies plus they work just fine.

05-02-2009, 10:28 AM
For some strange reason I have more confidence when using shiners...but I've actually caught more fish with 'chovies. I still don't get it.

But like everyone else said - both work great, shiners live longer and are more hardy, anchovies are fragile.

05-10-2009, 10:29 PM
shiners are easy to catch but where can i go to catch anchovies if in the bay area?

05-10-2009, 10:47 PM
I will use Shiners over chovys ANY day. All you need is a throw net and go catch your own.

05-11-2009, 08:04 AM
whats the best way to catch shinners at tomales bay? I buy them at loch lomand but they dont have any at lawsens.


05-11-2009, 11:40 AM
I dont know about Tomales Bay but at Berkeley I just use throw net at the pier OR use small hook sabiki rigs with small piece of shrimp and jig for them near rock piling. If lucky I can jig for about 1 hour and have enough bait for all day. Throw net some times I land at least 10 to 15 shiner per throw and some times 1 or 2.

High tide is best time to catch bait.

05-11-2009, 08:30 PM
Chovy 2nd
Shiner last.

Smelt are an extremly HOT bait. The put out a TON of action in the water. Down side with them is it is hard to get them small enough (7', or less).
Anchovy's are a great bait and EXTREMELY hardy if you live well is set up right. The well last ALL day and IMO are a hotter bait than a shiner.

Shiners are an excellent choice for bank dudes as perviously stated due to they can tolerate sitting in a bucket without an outside water source and can tolerate being casted.

I know you guys are shaking your heads when I say Anchovys are hardy but they are. You can darn near cut one in half and it will still be alive and kicking but have them sit in standing or poorly irrigated water and they are done.

05-13-2009, 09:48 AM
Has any one tried the crawdad/minnow traps for catching shinners. Did some research on the web and found that lots of people do it. I have a bunch of those traps and will try it out at my dock.