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04-29-2008, 11:38 AM
I know lake sonoma isn't the best trout lake, but its 20 minutes from my house and my uncle has a boat in the marina. My friend and I are taking the boat out saturday or sunday morning trolling for trout. I'm wondering if anyone has reccomendations on what to troll, basicaly the only thing I know of is flashers with a spoon behind them. Any advice?(boat has downriggers)

04-29-2008, 12:32 PM
Troll the face of the dam and then up the east arm along the east side of the lake. the fish should be in the top 25 ft., but as boat traffic increases the fish will move deeper in the water. Silver kastmasters. needlefish, rapalas, nightcrawler and a wedding ring spinner. Fish for them like you would trout. Long set backs 100-150ft. behind the boat,
If silver doesn't work orange, white or chartruse will work. This a good time to hit the lake, good luck and post your report. Remember this is a natural fishery so catch and release is always a good thing, but it's ok to have one or two because there awesome tasting. speeds should be 1.5 to start and if nothing keep going faster to 2.5 mph, if that doesn't work back it down to 1.5 and under. trophy trout scent from procure is a must or shad. Try dodgers in silver, and no dodgers at all.

See ya


04-29-2008, 07:47 PM
TroutWagon has it nailed. it's easy fishing right now, you wont need the riggers yet. Go early if you can. First light would be best. We'll be out Saturday, doing some fun fishing and riding around. What's your boat look like, We'll say hi if we see you.

04-29-2008, 09:57 PM
Thanks for all the good info TroutWagon, to be honest I've never trolled for trout without a downrigger. Went out today to get a tutorial on my uncles boat, no fishing, just letting me get used to it and all that since I am a complete newbie to boats. The fish finder was lighting up all from the marina across the dam and back. Most stuff was around 30 feet on the finder. I'm going to let my friend reel in the first fish even if its on my pole, hes never caught a trout before so I need to get him hooked and wanting to come back out.

Fishbucket, my friend and I have it planned out already. We will be there by first light for sure. Were gonna hit up the bars on friday and maybe a friends party after the bars, anyways, we aren't gonna go to sleep well go straight out to Sonoma in the morning before its light. The boat is pretty plain looking, its got blue on the exterior and its got a raised front for bass fishing with a trolling motor in front too... its got a windshield that goes across the boat not just the driver seat and a lowered back interior unlike bass boats... and its gray carpeting on the entire interior. If you see 2 young people out there trolling just yell to us, you don't see 2 kids trolling for trout too often. Ill be in a green jacket, my dad might come with, not sure. My name is Jeff, see you there.

04-30-2008, 12:48 PM

That was most likely the trout and there are a lot of smaller ones mixed in with the bigger ones, try to troll right above or below the bleeps on you screen if you want the bigger ones, they are loners and feed when the opertunity is right under there conditions not ours as fishermen. Most of the bigger ones that Iv'e caught have been alone with nothing on the fish finder, Good luck and watch out for the lake lice( personal water crafts)

Rich - TroutWagon

04-30-2008, 08:36 PM
Thanks, hopefully we'll be off the water or in some coves for bass by the time the lice are arriving 8-)

05-01-2008, 04:36 PM
Good luck out there, I sent you a PM before I read this. I would probably start out with a Needlefish in gold or silver. On the other rod I'd probably hacve a 3/4 of a threaded nightcrawler behind a Sling Blade Dodger. On another rod I'd have a Sep's grub in natural brown, naked. I'd try to get it down 5-10 feet to start with. 100 foot setback or more. As the day moves on, go deeper. I would think that you shouldn't need to go more than 40 feet at this time of year. Probably around 20-25 feet later on. Don't always trust a fishfinder. Knowing the habits of the fish you are chasing is a much more valuable tool. Your fishfinder is probably marking trout in 30 feet of water, but it may also be marking a different density of water (thermocline, not likely at this time of year), noises from other boats, air bubbles, weeds, algae, plankton blooms, baitfish, carp, suckers, squawfish, suspended bass, trout... anything. I believe there is a huge over reliance on fishfinders. Knowing what the fish are doing is the best bet. Use the fishfinder as a tool, not as a know all tell all. Not all fishfinders were created equal either, what kind of unit are you working with. How old is it?

05-02-2008, 08:41 AM
Good advice again, thanks. We went out yesterday for a few hours just for bass. We did pretty decent for bass ill make a post on the bass board. Tomorrow my friend and I are going to be trolling, and Sunday me, my friend, and my dad will be trolling.