View Full Version : Los Vaqueros 4/28

04-28-2008, 05:17 PM
Hey everyone here is my report for today. I got to the lake around 9 and headed out to the northern side of the lake. I went just past the oak tree. Fished one pole with night crawler and power bait and the other pole I threw my kastmasters.

After setting the worm/bait pole up I started throwing the kastmaster. After 2 or 3 cast I had a fish on! Released him to fight another day. Moved up and down the area and kept casting. A bit later I hit another one for about 2 lbs. The wind started to change direction now and was heading right to me coming off the water and makin some decent waves. I rebait and reset my hook. When trying to set my bobber on my line I could not get it tight. What happened was as soon as I casted it out a fish hit it and was bringing it right in. after a few seconds I realized what was happening and had a fish on. This one was again about 2 lbs.

I released all the fish and headed to the south cove. While heading there I catted with some giys by the rock wall and were suprised that I had cought 3. The south cove was very slow and is always fished very hard. I only saw 1 fish by 2 guys that are always there.

Sorry no pics. Did not have the camera today. Ill be back on the water wed morning...