View Full Version : Pyramid 3/21-22

03-22-2008, 03:33 PM
Got up to the Crosby late Thursday night and met up with some buddies. Yesterday fished pelican all day and did decently. Threw flies, spoons and jigs for 6 fish. Fifth cast was a 24 1/2. the rest were all 19-22 inches. There wasnt any real hot bite or pattern. Just a fish here and there up and down the line. Nothing like the nets used to be.... The real story was my friend Stephen was trolling off the point at pelican and hooked up with a toad. He fought it for 45 minutes and drug him way out into the middle of the bay. Finally got it in and weighed it at Crosby's. 30 inches and 12.96 lbs. Talk about a toad.
Today- Fished block house for a few hours before i had to head home. Very very slow. saw 3 fish caught out of 15 people in almost 4 hours. The wind was kickin early in the morning too. All in all it was an awesome trip just getting away and especially the monster.