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03-18-2008, 12:01 PM
Well I said I would return in search of the del valle trout that has been giving me a hard time to catch. Talked to fishmaster and he gave me some tips which help him land fish consisantly every time he goes out.
I tried trolling 3 mph and faster today which is out of the norm for me because I'm a slow troller. Started trolling the shallows in the morning for zero, trolled up to swallow bay for zero, trolled the dam for zero, then made it into heron bay which seemed to have the most boats in which were bait fishing. Finally my outside rod goes off ripping line and 150 behind the boat a big splash and it's fish on time! got it to the boat for a nice 3lb-8oz trout which was released un-intentionally when we were snapping a photo of the fish it leaped out of my hands back into the water :( Oh well! We put the lure back out and 2 min. later same rod goes off ripping line again. this time it's a 5lb. 8 0z. trout real nice tail and long like a steelhead with really big eyes. then ended the day with a 12 in. trout in the shallows back by th blue-white bouys which was a hot spot 2 days prior. I used orange f7 rapala and a mini blackw/ pink butt hot shot to get the fish.we were running any where between 3 -3.8 mph Talked to the troutanator and he gor 4 bait fishing in heron bay. Called out for sniffers but got no answer. I looks like the del valle hex has been lifted for big trout :) Thanks for all the tips and help fellow sniffers
See you out on the water


03-18-2008, 02:45 PM
It is intresting that a faster presentation is the ticket. I too fish Del Valle and it is one of the lakes were at times a faster presentation does much better than the slower presentation (1.2-1.7 mpn) compared to 2.2-3.0 mph)

03-18-2008, 04:05 PM
At the 2007 lake shasta Trout derby in Oct. the guys that won that tournement were trolling anywhere between 3-4 mph and running hummdingers and cripplers and I thought that was totally out of the norm, but hey they won it and I barely made it on fish for the weight in.
Iv'e only trolled that fast for browns and macks so It all new to me, I'm definately putting those techniques in my arsonal for trout for now on

03-18-2008, 08:39 PM
its because the water temp has warmed up. fish are more likely to chase after things now, compared to when the water temp was 45 degrees and trolling stinked, but baitfishing was king. the faster speed is kinda like getting a reaction bite in bass fishing. ;)

03-20-2008, 06:18 AM
Never trolled DV that fast and glad you got into them at hyper speed :)

Been fishing DV for years and have caught trout toplining Heron Bay in August so many techniques work if you find the fish and they are willing to bite.