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trout buster
03-12-2008, 09:09 PM
I have'nt fished Lafayette res. in along time and was wondering what it cost to rent a boat there.I remember bank access was very limited.I have a nice minkota electric sc does anybody know?

03-12-2008, 09:23 PM
A boat at Lafayette cost $25 for five hours, less for seniors. There are other hourly rates--I don't know the cost.

03-12-2008, 09:25 PM
The $25 for five hours are weekday rates--it's more for weekends and holidays.

03-13-2008, 11:23 AM
Here's the link that has all the info.


They just planted on Tue. That's what the ranger said when I was there.

03-13-2008, 01:25 PM
When i was at UC Berkeley I would fish Lafayette about every other week with my little cousin or a few friends. Fished for trout and Catfish.

You already have a nice little electric motor good job! To everyone else if you plan to fish Lafayette regularly i would recommend buying an electric trolling motor & battery, its worth the $200 bucks. (Its also just good to have of course if you don't already have one.)
Rent one of the aluminum boats hook up your motor and your off. Forget trying to row-row-row your boat. haha. Not to mention sometimes later in the day the wind can kick up and rowing in wind sucks.

Ok, here is what i would do to always catch fish at Lafayette.

As soon as you are clear of the docks drop down a kastmaster of your choice and cruise on over to the 2nd cove on the right hand side (as if you were standing on top of the dam facing the lake) of the lake. I would say 40% of the time just on the way over to the 2nd cove i would hook up. The 2nd cove has a blue and white buoy in the middle of it that i liked to clip or tie onto. It beats futzing with some jenky homemade anchor that wount work nearly as well.haha. Ok, from there i would set everyones rods up meanwhile allowing the boat to drift into its natural resting position on the water. I would clip the back of the boat to the buoy and let the front swing around facing across the cove. (I dont know why but right there it provides the right wind/water movement to hold the boat steady/still and always facing across that cove.)

I would usually always use this setup. Medium/light action spinning rods, 6lb/8lb/10lb whatever.

Main Line------Sliding sinker-----swivel----------2lb test-----#10 hook
1. Start with powerbait on a size 10 hook.
2. Blown up medium size worms on a size 8 hook.

If you are using the typical pretied eagle claw assorted pack hooks (that you just picked up when you bought your day passes) remember to cut off the line that they come with and tie your 2lb leader line straight to the hook and to the swivel.

Usually 2' or 2.5' leaders worked well here but set them accordingly to conditions/time of year etc. Don't be afraid to reel in and vary leader length if your not getting any action.
Start with 50% powerbait & 50% blown up worms. I always used Rainbow or green powerbait here but i have herd that White works wonders. Also try dabbing little Berkeley trout attractant onto the bait :)
Casting bait in the middle of the cove and around the entrance right off of the bow of the boat, were always the best spots.

I personally guarantee that if you do what i have mentioned you will catch AT LEAST 1 trout.

Everything i just wrote everyone here already knows... i think.
But, hopefully someone thinking of fishing Lafayette got a pointer or two. Anyhow to all of you that go hit Lafayette let me know how it goes, i miss that old reservoir.

$4.00 daily fishing pass.
$6.00 Parking

03-19-2008, 12:09 PM
Don't hate me all you trout lovers, but how is the yellow belley perch fishing been at Lafayette. I know they were trying to aratacate them years ago, did they?