View Full Version : Friday 4-17-09 Bay Report

04-21-2009, 05:24 AM
Took my boys out friday late around 11 am or so launched Berkeley.Trolled flats ran to OP and trolled there till 430 for nada.Anchored up outside HP so the boys could catcha shark or something.Got about 10 sand sharks and 8 rays.Pulled anchor at 645 or so and ran back to berk.The good new is mys sons enjoyed fishing for once.My little guy Josh trolled the boat all day while the older one chris tired the leaders baited hooks etc.They were determined to catch a fish and did not wanna go until they did.First time I saw that.That was the best day fishin for me in a long time and I didnt even catch a fish!!http://funseeker2.smugmug.com/photos/517624386_UTFhS-Ti.jpghttp://funseeker2.smugmug.com/photos/517624514_3B5rw-Ti.jpghttp://funseeker2.smugmug.com/photos/517624417_jp6pn-Ti.jpg

04-21-2009, 06:30 AM
Good on you for taking the boys out and getting them into fishing. I'm sure they appreciate it now but they will really appreciate it later in their adulthood. Oh, and you will too. Well done!