View Full Version : Lake Mc Clure 11/28/07

11-29-2007, 03:48 AM
As promised Gerald Schoonhoven and I went to Mc Clure today launching off the south ramp at Barretts and proceeded to run up the lake till we got just passed the houseboats as you head to Horeshoe Bend. Lines in the water at a 10 am and with in a few minuets I have a nice 14 inch fat planter in the boat, caught on a orange wedding ring with a night crawler trailer using halffast brass hammered trolling blades and 1/2 ounce weight with 60 feet of line out. I set pole 2 up the same way but put on a 2 oz rubber core sinker. Gerald sets out one on THW with a small jointed rapala and one out with an Excel. The rapala is set at 25 to 30 feet and manages one fish for the day. the wedding rings catch 3 more, 1 being a kokanee of all things that had no scales and was full of eggs. We missed a number of strikes and had several LDR's. We fished till 3:15 which found us almost to the entrance of Horseshoe Bend. We trolled 1.17 to 1.50 on the norht side and the water temp was pushing 62 degrees. Only trollers out it appeared and it was a very nice day, so was the roasted tri tip dinner later that evening. Well next two days are being spent getting ready to hit Rio Vista Friday Sat and Sunday, later Kent.

11-29-2007, 10:38 AM
Thanks for the report on McClure, keep us posted.