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11-27-2007, 04:32 PM
Well hre goes another round of stories from the Afterbay *;).

Got to the afterbay around 10. Had nothing better to do today so I thought what the heck. My son doesn't get out of school until 3.....LETS FISH.

Normal setup...Number 6 baitholder hook, barb smashed down and some power bait eggs. To my dismay, when I opened up my pouch...I had no white left. Yellow it was then. ( sorry about the bad pics, arthritis kicking in bad today and it was only me *:D)

Fished for an hour......Bingo. 16 incher.
Let him go. The blood was not anything fatal. He swam away as soon as he hit the water.

10 minutes later.....Nod nod..slack line then here we go......
19 incher ( he's in the freezer now )

Go for another 30 minutes......Here it goes again.....
A 17 incher that fought more than the 19 did and seemed a heck of a lot fatter.

Getting close to picking up my son, so I figure on my out to his school, I'll hit the forebay....and 5 mintes later.....
A nice little 10 inch planter. Let him go back to grow up...

Not a bad day for a few hours fishing. I guess it makes up for the skunking I have had the last three times out. Just wanted to give a shout to myself ( *::) ) haha....Fish on all. I won't be going out much more than likely for the rest of the year, so I shall live through all of you. Unless a miracle medication comes up.......C-YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11-27-2007, 04:43 PM
Alright TC, first of all I'm jealous because you get to fish the afterbay on a work day while I'm 3 hour drive away. >:(

Secondly, you're a spring chicken compared to some of us. What do you mean you have arthritis? Now take an Advil and get out there and do some more fishin'. ;)

You do need a better excuse to 'splain these poor representation of these beautiful fish though. They're kind of stunted lookin' don't you think?


11-27-2007, 05:36 PM
great job Cal see how much better it works when a fat guy in a boat isnt draggin your line around. Wish I was there Huggy ::)

11-27-2007, 09:42 PM
Jigster: I may be younger than most of you all, but 2 knee surgeries, one hand surgery and 33 years of knee arthiritis, been a Marine, and a blue collar joe all my life...Ya get beat up...Not to mention a disc issue in my back...Oh well....Yea, I agree those fish are a bit stunted, but a fish is a fish....They most taste good...At least when I am cookin'....LOL..

Huggy: Had a guy bankin' it near me and a couple of guys is a boat....Thats all. It was nice but a bit windy.....

11-27-2007, 09:57 PM
Dang, I got skunked today! Went to Wilbur and the wind kept blowing my bobber in. so I went to the 162 bridge south side hoping the wind would be on my side, but no love! Cal/Jigster, how do you fish the power eggs? I got Berkleys "floating" eggs, but they didn't float very well! Great fish Cal, sorry for the hijack! I should've known my luck woudn't last!

11-27-2007, 10:26 PM
Very nice fish. I was wondering if the best fishing is from shore or, from boat? And where is the boat launch?

11-27-2007, 11:34 PM
TC, you know I was just kiddin' right? Thanks for your service soldier. Guys like you have my utmost respect. Did the fish actually look like that? I thought it was a distortion due to the hosting site or something. Did I mention you did a great job with the fish though? Were you catching them close to shore or further out?

Chico, the same thing happened to us last Friday. Power eggs float very well. If you use larger hooks, add more eggs. Test them before you cast. They're less likely to hit your bait if they can't see it. Some added scent (Procure or Powerbait Trout Attractant) helps too. What we used were three Powereggs on a #6 Gammy bait holder hook with the barbs pressed down ofcourse. Originally we used an egg/worm combo but it sank like a rock. Next time I might pump some air into the worm to help it float. Let us know if it works for you. Good luck.


11-28-2007, 05:31 AM
TC Cal, you might want to resize your pix to 450x338 instead of 320x206. It makes them look a little more edible! ;D Anyway, glad to hear you did well!

- Paradise Pontoon

11-28-2007, 07:51 AM
Jigster: I wasn't thinking of th pic distortion...Another reason I shave my head...Don't want the blond showing throuh. ;D. As far as distance, they were all caught about 75 feet from shore. Using 3 #20 spilt shots with a 18 inch lead. On 6 pound test, you can really huck thm. Of course yesterday, had to wait for the wind to stop blowin' at times.

Chico: I use a # 6 Remegade Bronze Baitholder hook, barb smashed down, with 2 PB eggs. FLoats like a charm. Like jigster says, I always get my lines set up then dip the leader and bait in the drink to see if it will float or not. Like I said above, usually a 12 to 24 inch lead ( depending on water temp ) then toss out as far as I can get it. Let the line settle then tighten up a bit. I like haveing the line tight so I can see it either go slack when they hit or see the ever popular nod.

Paradise : Thanks, the distortion came from me resizing before uploaing to the pic site.

Hookeyjaw: Both are good, sometimes one is better than next, but these fish are very picky. Days where I can nail a full stringer of planters at the FOrebay, Can;t get a nibble from these guys. There are 2 boat launches. One ff WIlbur Rd off 162 west of Oroville, or there is Monument Hill launch on 162 west of Oroville just before Hwy99. There is also another one at Larkin Rd. Hope this helps.

Everyone: Thanks. I will be back out, just with recent injuries and such I think I have been overdoing it. And since I am bank fishin' fool, lugging equipment with me is hard at times. Keep the reports coming in, and lets brainstorm a get together come spring at Monument Hill.....Just a thought.