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11-26-2007, 04:14 AM
Well here is a report on Lake Mc Clure that is not getting much written about and for a good reason. John and I launched at 9am yesterday at Mc Clure point setting out 4 poles. Pole 1 rolled shad anywhere from 70 feet to 112 feet, as the fish finder showed a lot of big arches at this depth all day for nada. Pole 2 startted out with a cop car apex that got switched to a blue and silver apex, neither which got hit so replaced with a halffast flasher and night crawler and got nailed once at 40 feet and came up empty. Pole 3 was off the wire 100 feet of line out running a halffast flasher and night crawler which got 4 hard take downs but came up empty each time. Pole 4 ran an apex with 1 ounce weight and apexs 100 feet behind the boat for nada. We fished out in front of the house boat down to the old dam that is now about 12 feet out of water then made the bend towards Cottonwood for a few hundred yards then came back out and ran down the center where we marked alot of fish.
Here is the problem folks water temp is not favorable yet as the temp on the surface is 63 degrees. I then told John let's see how far up this lake we can run so we ran up to Horseshoe Bend and along the way I pointed out to John the tressles from the Yosemite Railroad and tunnels that can be seen along the way and the old railroad bed all of which are at least nonw 20 feet out of water, not a good sign. Finally we get to Horseshoe Bend and we are a mile from where the water starts up the Merced River canyon and I only have 4 feet of water under us and its shallowiing up and still 63 degrees which just happen to be yesterdays high temp and today it is forcasted to be 66 degrees. In our travels we checked out a few areas on the fishfinder and saw nothing. We did talk to one pontoon a bit up from the houseboats east of Barretts that was trolling back and forth to the beginning of Horseshoe that had 8 trout to about 14 inches caught pulling excels and kastmaster and some funky thing they had no name for. Two other boats, one back in Piney Creek reported limits of small trout and some bass. the other report came from a person who had been on a house boat all week in Temperance and stated that he caught a lot of really nice cats up to 8 pounds while his nephews had a ball catching trout back in Temperance on wedding rings tipped with night crawlers at about 20 feet. Noticed not one person said we caught a salmon, not a good sign. Not one pwerson said we got some hughe trout, not a good sign. There is about 2 weeks of good trolling left on the delta and Im going to concentrate my efforts there for a while and San Luis making a return trip to Mc Clure this Wen with some Rapalas and Wedding Rings and Excels. Times running out as Dec 14th should find me headed to Washington through Jan 4th where I hope to tag some steelies. Till Wen report good luck all, Kent

11-26-2007, 08:33 AM
Thanks for the very up to the moment report. Was thinking of a trip down that way guess I'll go somewhere else. I've seen the trestle and the tunnels before so I think a trip there for that reason is out. IM

11-26-2007, 09:09 AM
Thanks for the report. I think it's time to start the rain dance.

11-26-2007, 09:41 AM
Thanks for the report. Tough fishing at all the lakes right now.