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11-12-2007, 06:46 PM
With apologies to Captain Compassion:

Headed up Highway 88 for the second day in a row. Sunday was because we were supposed to go to Walker Lake but the torrential rain in Smith Valley made us reconsider and so we went for a drive. Lots of snow at Red and Caples and only one truck at Red. We didn't fish.

Today, I went to ICR first and it was S---l----o----w! I left my house at 11 am due finishing off a bottle of homemade apple brandy the night before. I saw one fish caught as I pulled up by a banker and that was it. Not even a nibble. About 2:00 headed to Red and met a guy from Sac who had a full stringer after trolling crawlers from his pontoon. I put in my pontoon and fished the trusty gold Kastmaster. Caught three right off, then it got slow. Half hour later caught another in a countdown Rapala, then another about 20 minutes before I left on the gold K'master. The wind was up and it got cold fast. I should have been up there a few weeks ago. :'(

Captain Compassion
11-12-2007, 07:39 PM
With apologies to Captain Compassion:

No apologies are necessary. I often get skunked while others around me are catching limits. :-[ I'm glad someone caught something. Red sometimes is better in the afternoon. I arrived there after 10 AM and there were 4 other parties fishing off the dam including a daddy with three kids and some guy with a swimming dog. Too bad about ICR. Maybe the changing weather is putting the fish down. I may go there with my wife tomorrow in the afternoon if the weather is nice. I intend to hit Caples, Red and ICR heavy through the weekend. Perhaps things will change. I don't feel bad about getting skunked I did win money at Harrah's. 8-)


11-22-2007, 10:45 PM
Hey man that guy from sac you met was me. Cool, this whole internet thing really works. I been fishing that red lake for the last month or so. Great fishing there. Always have caught tons, I think the slowest day was only 10 or 12 fish. Some days you find those big cutties, All the ones me and my buddy caught were 16+++ inches. I have also hooked into a few BIG ONES there that just tore my little ultralite and micro gear up. Trying out a bigger rod with a new reel this weekend. Although I havent decided Red or Caples. Caples has some nice browns. Those pontoons are great man, You gotta get a minnkota for it.