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11-20-2007, 10:24 PM
I am new to this board. Lot's of good info. I normally fish at Hennessey (a great lake to fish!!) I have never been to Lafayette Reservoir, but have always wanted to fish there. A few questions: where is the best shore fishing area, good trolling area and are electric trolling motors allowed on small rowboats? Has anyone been there in the last week or so? I'm thinking the water level is probably constant, since it's considered a back-up water supply, and shouldn't drain much during the year. Any responses,comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.Thanks...

11-21-2007, 09:59 AM
Hi HD,

I was there a few weeks back which made it my third trip there. I fished each of the first 4 docks closest to the marina but, of the 18 or so hours i was there in total, I only got 1 bite and hook-up. There were people trolling and most were going to the south end and anchoring up. I didn't notice a whole lot of the boaters actually trolling though. It's been very slow there but I believe it is one of the more scenic places to go and a great selection of fish. Good luck and please let us know how you do as I'd like to have a reason to give it another try. :)


11-21-2007, 10:27 AM
I've fished Laffayette Res last Sunday. I had 3 trout from shore. I suggest fishing from docks towards southend. Just park the car above visitor center and walk down from the end of the parking lot to reservoir.
For trolling, I do well in early morning from boat docks to southend. I usually troll black/white J-7 or needlefish.
You can rent row boat and you can use electric rolling motor. Or you can bring your own car top boats.
I usually troll down to southend and tie up to one of the mooring bouys at southend to bait fish.
I hope this helps a little. :)
For bait fishing, I have best luck with whie power eggs.
I'll be be at Lafayette on Friday or Sat in my Porta-Bote.
Good luck.

11-21-2007, 02:05 PM
Homer, I've phished Lafayette many times.....by boat and bank. The dock near the south end has been productive in the past....tru near the tullies and straight out. However, I've caught good sized trout right under or near the dock too! Nightcrawlers or Power bait work well.

Lately we have trolled (with our electric motor) from boat launch to the south tullies using small needlefish,kastmasters, or dick nights. My ex pop in law fishes there alot and had landed some 5# lunkers and lost many others. so I divorced his daughter cuz he can't fish! Just kidding. Also try drifting the west side or the tower. Never caught anything but a cold trolling the dam.

There are some HUGE catfish in there too.

Best of luck to ya,

Da Phish