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11-17-2007, 07:57 PM
Signs posted Last Friday 11/16/07 at Newark Lake read DO NOT EAT THE FISH *No fishing We were planning a fish clinic for the area kid's today. When they went to plant the trout they died on the bottom and some floated to the serface lack of oxigen. *Clinic called off and i spent the day talking to disgruntaled people. Even though the signs said no fishing people were fishing and putting catfish in their cooler. ONLY IN AMERICA

11-17-2007, 08:35 PM
The reason why the trout came to the surface for oxygen is the algae in the lake. My dad and uncle tell me that a long time ago(when they were kids), this was a really good lake.After people started building houses around it, algae started growing and the lake started to deteriorate. The fertilizer from the lawns started to enter the lake, resulting in the algae boom. But that lake has some monster carp as well as bass and cats. Usually if a lake starts going down, the trout are the first ones to go. Cats and carp are the hardy fish that can be found anywhere in any water, no matter what the condition of the water is. IF they want to bring this lake back, they have to get rid of some of that algae first. I would say dump some tilapia in there to eat up all the vegetation. Since they haven't done that, there probably is a downside that is not hindering this action. Sorry for such a long post but I thought this would be interesting to know. Thanks for reading and God bless.