View Full Version : slab creek sat. the 29th

09-30-2007, 09:13 AM
we started a little late today but got on the water at dawn and headed out to are favorite area but nothing would hit anything we put into the water. After about a Hr we headed to the backside of the lake and hit two fish one sqauw and one nice bow... we then spent most of the day just cruising the lake till we ran into a couple of guys in a canoe that had tried to camp over night on a beach when it rained on them and hey had no tent then just to add some real pain the lake level came up about 6 ft in the night and flooded they,re camp site and finnished off what the rain started lol when we met them and got the story they ahd sweets on no jackets and were totally soaked they where lucky that they did hypothermia ... about 3:30 or so the bite really turned on and we had rainbows on all four poles but managed to land only one of then LMAO you should of seen us trying to reel in three poles and steer a boat in the wind the three stooges could of used us as a script... The days total was one squaw fish and seven rainbows all nice fat hold overs a great way to spent ones B-day