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09-21-2007, 01:48 PM
Ok gents, (ladies too0 please let me know how can me and my new girlfriend whom I wish to impress dearly (after Buck's Lake was a disater >:()....catch our dinner around Tuolumne campgrounds and also we will be also visiting Saddlebag Lake for a day ....I love the how to's and time of day, etc. I tried to contact the Resort, but they have not emailed back..
My dwindling testosterone thanks you. :-/

09-22-2007, 06:32 AM
My wife and I have always done very well catching Brookies at Gaylor Lakes. It's about a 1 mile, but steep hike north from Tioga Pass to the first lake; another 1/2 mile to the second. We did very well a couple of years ago on Lee Vining Creek, which flows along the road to Saddlebag Lake.

09-22-2007, 09:55 PM
Haven't made it up there this year yet(I'll be there in 1.5 weeks) but I've always done pretty good in Tuolomne and at Saddlebag. If you're going to pay the $20+ to get into the park I would head up the Tuolomne from the campground and fish the different pockets and holes you come across, especially this year because downstream the river is going to be pretty low. Saddlebag is alway good early and late by the dam and if the water taxi is still running I would head to the inlet at the back of the lake. But two other places would be Ellery Lake and Tioga Lake, they're pretty heavily stocked and fishing should be pretty good. My favorite honeyhole is on Lee Vining Creek, never been skunked in this spot, so try up near the powerhouse.


09-22-2007, 11:14 PM
Really want to impress her????
Forget the fishing and take her to lunch at the Ahwanhee Hotel in Yosemite Valley (make arrangements to get a seat at the end of the dining room by the window). Then late afternoon go for a walk and end up at Glacier Point (drive up, do not hike up from the Valley floor!) Catch the sunset and the alpine glow on the Sierra Crest from here.

If you really insist on fishing, use Powerbait. On a spinning reel line first slide on an egg sinker (a quarter inch diameter sinker with a hole drilled through it), next tie on a swivel that will stop the sinker from going past it, and lastly tie on 3 feet of 4 lb test line with a terminal size 14 treble hook. Put the Powerbait on the hook formed into a ball and covering all of the hook. Cast it far out into the lake, but not with enough force to rip off the bait. Keep your line fairly taut to notice the bite, allowing the fish to take the bait (10 sec.) will ensure that the trout swallows and hooks itself, then reel it in and be non-chalant about it. This set-up will catch fish in Saddlebag, Lundy, and all lakes in the June Lake Loop.
Catching is only half the impression.
Bleed the fish immediately after catching it by cutting the gills. Place it on ice and clean soon. Cooking it the right way along with nice fresh vegetables and potatoes and a nice white wine gets you further along.
Serve her chocolate cake for desert and wash the dishes (not her!).
If she is not impressed, she's a throwback. There are plenty of other women who would love this treatment.