View Full Version : Collins Lake

07-22-2007, 10:25 PM
Went to Collins with my Family and used the big boat. Definitly trolls too fast only got to fish for a couple hours used down riggers and a rapala and a wedding ring with worm on Saturday morning for zip. Rest of the time the kids and wife wanted me to troll them around on the tube. This was my first time at this lake so I used the fishfinder to mark fish while I pulled them around. Hardly marked anything by the Dam but saw a large schiool out in front of the boat ramp. As a matter of fact this morning I had planned to get out early again but overslept. So at 9:00am we launch the boat to go tubing and as we are leaving the 5 mph zone at the ramp several 10-14" rainbows jumped clear out of the water and let us see how pretty they were fishfinder confirmed that the schol is still hanging out there. Oh well, maybe next time I bring the small boat to keep the speed down or mount a kicker on the big boat. Any way water is down like 35-40'. Boat ramp is looong.