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05-21-2007, 01:35 PM
Hi Guyís,
I took The Rich and Rocket out over the weekend fishing wasnít all that great I was suppose to meet Rich at Pyramid at 9am he wasnít around so I BS with a friend for awhile and then I decide to launch my boat by myself and guess what I did great I even surprised myself.

I drove the boat around for awhile and just fished in front of the dock area with no luck.
Rich showed up around 12ish. I picked him up at shore somehow I even managed to do that with out screwing anything up go figure.

Rich has never fished Pyramid he was at October fest but never got a chance to go out.
We headed over to the Pyramid boy the boat was a smooth ride we fished for a couple of hrs and I caught 1 then the weather started to change so we went over to the nets nothing so we called it a day since the wind was coming up.

We met up with Fernley Tim and his wife Kelly and granddaughter what a cutie. Kelly brought a bottle of Tuaca I canít believe in 2 days we both drank the whole bottle.Rich fixed dinner that night barbecue pork sandwiches thanks Rich it was great.

I was suppose to meet Rich sat morning at 7am but I set my alarm wrong I got there around 10am Tim had already left so we headed down to blockhouse because Tim fishes that spot except Tim wasnít there heading down to blockhouse I noticed that the boat wasnít going as fast as it should I couldnít go over 15miles it was pretty choppy on the way there. The only thing that I did different was fill the tank up to full I know it has a 35 gallon tank so maybe that made a difference not for sure we get down to block house we were marking a lot of fish but I only caught 1.

We headed back to the dock area to see if we could catch up with Tim couldnít fine him so we headed to the needles. *By the time we reached it the weather was beautiful I had just put out Richís line and bang he gets a hit on the double flutter from Kenís tackle red and gold we were in 60-90 ft of water 10 to 15 down I think Rich caught 6 that day I caught about 4 I was using my purple and black sting king.

We went out on Sunday followed Tim to Warriors we didnít do any good so I went down to the mushroom we were in 200 ft of water any where from 10-30ft down we caught a few. These CA boys sure donít know how to release fish the right way.(JK)

Rich released a fish and it went belly up so we tried to rescue it but the only thing I manage to do was get the down rigger line caught around the big motor like an idiot.
Thank god Rich got it UN done with no problem. On Sat we somehow got the lines messed up again around the motor Rich was bringing in a fish and I guess it got tangle with my line after he took his fish off we got it un tangle from the motor and realized that I had a fish on I guess that was a good thing because it kept the line from getting caught worse in the motor.

Iím still having problems with the little motor wanting to cut in and out on Sunday the big motor was doing better in the morning I was able to get her up to 26 miles but when we left to go in she was back to doing 15.

I still need to work on coming in to the dock I didnít push Rich off the dock but he almost fell out of the boat I was coming into the dock and he said put it in reverse to slow it down well I put it in reverse but to fast and he almost went over.
Iím taking Sam out on Tuesday Iím sure that will be another adventure all in all Iím very please with myself and the boat like I said if she was a guy I would marry her.
Here are some pictures oh by the way I was using 6lb test and brought in a real nice 24 on Sat but on Sunday I had a hog on and lost it at the boat didnít get a chance to see how big it was.
Richís fish
Lexie was right at Richís feet
Another one of Richís fish
My 24inch
Rocket crazy dog he had a great time chasing the waves over the bow
He found a spot to settle down
Kelly and her granddaughter
Tim and Okie

05-21-2007, 02:00 PM
great report Beth, sorry to hear the motors not running so well for you nice pics.

05-21-2007, 02:04 PM
beth, kelli ,zoe and I had a great time out there this weekend even if the fishing was slow :( the fish I lost at the boat was really nice at least 8lbs :'( never did see it though :-[ good luck out there tuesday

The Rich
05-21-2007, 02:18 PM
Yep, Chicks Guide Service got us on fish all 3 days! *It was a lot of fun fishing with Beth. *She taught me how to do the down rigger so she wouldnít have to work so hard. *Loved the boat and look forward to doing it again! *Did you know, the less gas Chick has, the faster she goes? *She sure can fish you under the table, so-to-speak.

Thanks to Beth, Tim, his wife Kelli, and friend Todd for the camping company. *Got pretty wild at times. *Enough said there. *Hope to see you soon Beth.

Tim, I see youíre still sticking to that 8lbs story. *Good time.

05-21-2007, 02:39 PM
Anytime Rich I guess if Tim's was 8lbs mine had to be 15 ;D [smiley=tongue2.gif]

05-21-2007, 02:55 PM
Great job Beth,I knew you would have no problem driving. The stoping thing will kick in also. ;D Before you know it you'll be taking the new ride to Blowdega, catching some real monsters. ;D You haven't been licking any stamps lately,have you :-X? :P

05-23-2007, 11:49 AM
Great job Beth,I knew you would have no problem driving. The stoping thing will kick in also. ;D Before you know it you'll be taking the new ride to Blowdega, catching some real monsters. ;D You haven't been licking any stamps lately,have you :-X? :P

Blowdega, ::) [smiley=tongue2.gif]

That might be interesting

I wanted to say thank you to you and to Kelli for the steak dinner it was wonderful