View Full Version : Pyramid Sat and Mon 5/14....one of those weekends

05-15-2007, 07:45 AM
Hit up pyramid from Shore on Saturday. Fished pelican from shore for a few hours for no dice and one hit. Lots of fish still cruising the shallows. A couple buddies of mine brought in 4 but the fish just seemed to not like my flies. Tried everything I had.

Took my girl friend out Monday to get some sun in the boat. Been a couple months since I had the boat out so we hung around pelican and about a mile south. Tried 5 different lymans and numerous depths for not dice. Finished the day trying to fly fish the shallows for again no dice. Can't seem to get the fishing figured out this year. Just one of those years fishing for me I guess. Beautiful day though and virtually no one on the water. I guess from Chicks report I should venture out and head north next time.

Ohhh and to top it off, my net slid over, hit the trim switch, and lowered my motor down on the way home. Ground the stainless steel skeggard completely down to where you could see through it. About a $100 mistake. I guess I should feel lucky there wasn't any damage to my lower unit and I just need to replace the skeggard. Again, one of those years.

05-15-2007, 08:33 AM
So sorry to hear about the motor I swear I walk around my boat 20 times before I leave and I make sure nothing in the boat ;D
I'm taking a girlfriend out there today just to go boating well maybe I'll put my pole in ;D

05-15-2007, 08:47 AM
May is probably the toughest month at Pyramid. The spawning fish seem to stop feeding much, especially during the last part of the month. The trick is to find and go after the fish that didn't try to spawn. The North and East sides of the lake are generally the better bets.

There are things that go on in May that attract a lot of big fish. Like spawning chubs. Their spawning activity seems to be mostly in the evening in my experience. You just have to find them and fish around the outside of the aggregation. I got my biggest Pyramid cutt ever doing that on Memorial Day in 1999.

During May and the first part of June, if you find the chubs you'll catch trout. The last 2 weeks in June, the bite generally picks back up just like early October except the it's more of a morning and late afternoon/evening thing.

05-15-2007, 02:00 PM
Hey Chick. *Yeah sucks about the boat but it really isn't that bad. *I just need to buy another one and I will be on my way again. *Just one of those things that happens when owning a boat. *Hopefully you will have many trips out before something happens to your new rig. *Ohhh, and I am jealous. *Looks like a great boat. *

Thanks for the info Doc. *I had heard before about how tough May was. Pretty much all year I have had much less success than last year though. *I went out probably 20 times last year and never came back with less than 7 in the boat. *Even had *a ~65 fish day once last year. *I think my best in 7 trips this year has been about 10. *Probably due to me not being out as much and tracking what they are biting and that this year just seems to be different. *

Anyway, thanks for the info on the chubs. *How do you know when you are on the chubs. *I noticed alot of what looked like bait balls on my finder yesterday. *Trolled just over the top of many of them for nada. *Is this probably chubs and should I be trolling through them? *Next trip out I will be heading east or north to see if I can increase my success. *Hope to see you out there. *

05-15-2007, 02:51 PM
The chubs seem to spawn in rocky areas with lots of weeds. You can see them slapping around close to shore in the evening if you pay attention.

Gill Collector
05-15-2007, 08:41 PM
Doc, it is so cool having you around to glean info from. I've been on these boards since last August or so and I have such a positive feeling towards all that goes on here. Thanks Doc!

And Chick, after 20 fishing trips and walking around your boat 20 times twice a day, cuz you have to take it out too, you'll cut that down to oh, a look in the rear view mirror! ;D ;D Na, anyway I did talk to Mako last Friday as he put in. We were trolling with olive leeches in 6ft of water. Nailed two nice ones that way. I learned that trick from Doc! How was I trolling in 6' of water you ask? Electric trolling motor on a 14' aluminum boat. It's tin can turned into a fish machine! 8-)

05-15-2007, 08:58 PM
I'll post some pics in a few days. *We fished Fri-Sun and it was a great pretty much Wide-Open bite. *Biggest was 25 3/4" with a lot of 23s and 24s. *Didn't get anyone on the radio to let them know. *The best areas were North. Lyman's in greens and chartruse, also firetiger, etc. They are baack up to the faster speeds too (2-2.5 mph on the paddle wheel)