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05-06-2007, 03:01 PM
Decided to see if lightning would strike twice. Last Sunday my ten year old and I limited out on mostly holdovers in just over three hours.
Today, he and I picked up seven in about four and a half (8am til about 12:30).

We had a ton of strikes...I counted 24!...but unlike last week when they were voracious, many hits today were just kind of half-a**ed: a quick hard yank and then they were gone. I wonder if it was the water temp...last week it was 58. Today, 54-55. Does a few degrees make that much difference in their aggressiveness? Or, maybe they just weren't hungry.

Also, we only got one true holdover today, a nice 17 inch fatty...the rest were 10-12" planters. All boated fish were picked up towards the head of the lake, in about 25 feet of water, off the campground side. We had hits everywhere except in front of the dam. Last week we took them all over the lake.

The best results came with a purple/white striped Uncle Larry's spinner tipped with a nightcrawler...but the other gear got hits too: chrome dodger/fire tiger set up on one; chrome dodger, pink and white spoon on another. Same as last week, all were caught top-lined. I fished one rod with the downrigger at 30 with similar set up but it got nothing all day. Fish still seem near the surface.

And a question: I've heard Sugar Pine gets stocked with Eagle Lake rainbows and some of the fish certainly look a little different...broader backs, bigger heads. But they may just have been in spring spawn mode...several fish last week and the bigger one this week had either eggs or sperm sacks. Guesses?

So that's it. No trophies but my ten year old is having a blast...and I'm having a blast being his "guide"...although I may start charging him pretty soon.

05-10-2007, 03:24 PM
with the exception of last years memorial day camping/fishing trip to sugarpine, the last few years were awesome from mid may to beginning of july. we used to go quite a bit back then. trollling needlefish and panther martins worked good, but yellow power bait and green predator bait(cant find anymore) were super and we would hook into 20-40 fish a day each, and the fish averaged 12-13" and great fighters for 30 seconds. inflated worms works well to when the clarity of the water is fairly clear down 15 feet and more. whats the water clarity right now when you were there???

last memorial day was a turn off as the fish were all more around 10" at best and the normal colors would not work. the few we caught were on oranges.

yes, the depth you talk about averages 24-26 feet and the fish hold up there near the beach and campgrounds. atleast they used to.

the water temp/bite isnt always the case in terms of aggressive feeding. sometimes (more so up there, the aggressive bites come from the hungry planters who havent ate in days and finally want to eat.) on those days the fishing is super. 17" holdover is pretty big for sugarpine. but you can catch a few of that size. never heard about the eagle lake trout plants there in all the years we fished there.

we are thinking of going up there for the day on friday....kinda tired of the slow striper fishing over here.